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[Annual Review] Twenty Years in the Circus ...

Years of involvement made me learned to adopt a precautionary stance on almost everything that came along is a way to buffer myself from disappointment. Even though I stick to that belief, it's no difference again when we are drawing close to another year with things ended sour again and no improvement to the scene when we thought it would at the start. Some painted a picture of optimism that our own S.League would gain from Lions XII's acrimonious exit from the Malaysian league with a large part of their playing staff, long perceived to be the best in the country, were being snapped by various clubs in the beleaguered setup. Jermaine Pennant graced the league not long ago Furthermore, set things into the groove saw big spending Tampines Rovers, under new chairman Krishna Ramachandra, acquired the biggest name in the league history by recruited former Liverpool and Arsenal winger Jermaine Pennant , inked a partnership with Brazilian legend Ronaldinho to se

'NO PAIN, NO GAIN' For Longer Deal ...

It is that time of the year again when S.League clubs begun the tidying of their roster to deliberate who should stay and who they should advise to leave upon fulfilled their contractual obligations. Unlike the early seasons of the league when newspapers were able to compile a list of "retain/release" and printed out of the sport pages once the season was over, this coveted name list is something held in utmost confidential these days. Some details are tend to be over-looked ... As what we knew all along, a sizable number of players were on that infamous "eleven month contract" which has always been the grouse among those whose livelihood depend on the game to feed their families. NO INCOME IN DECEMBER Generally, a normal playing contract under the "eleven-month" term will start on the 1st of January of the calendar year and expires on the last day of November. In another words, December is the month when there will be NO income for those wh