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"It wasn't a fair result"

I shouted as the crowds at Bishan saw the rejuvenated Korean-based Super Reds defeated by perennial powerhouses Home United (secured by yet another injury-timing strike). No doubt, I'm confident that many would have felt the same I did. For large part of the game, the Koreans were dominating the game with their usual tempo and time-to-time frustrated the Protectors with their slow passes and holding of possession (not mentioning a legitimate goal being disallowed in the first half!). Although, I must said Peres De Oliveira did a wonderful as a stand-in skipper for the injured S Subramani . PICTURES FROM BISHAN Super Reds' assistant coach Jeon Kyeong Joon (extreme right) shared his thoughts (through his translator - the man in white top) with the media after their first defeat of the season. Home United coach, Mr PN Sivaji paid tribute to his opponents and is confident his team have enough depth to cope with the season's fixture congestion .

"It should have been 5 or 6..."

That was what my colleague SMSed while the game was going on. Who could blame him for saying that, when thousands more were watching at the comfort of their couch saw the Lions, who could massacre the under-strength Lebanese side? But coach Raddy was pleased with the performance, despite the lack of through preparation with the S.League already in full swing. Uzbekistan will be team to beat, with their 3-0 win against the Saudis. "They (Uzbeks) are not your typical Asian team, as they played a more European style of football" said coach Raddy at the post-match conference. Nonetheless, with two months to go before the Lions square off against the Saudi, the biggest concern for the national team is to avoid any unnecessary injury. Well done, boys (but don't forget to polish your boots next time.. : p) SOME PICTURES FROM THE POST-MATCH MEDIA CONFERENCE (P.S: Of course, plenty of angry voices outhere that we weren't scoring enough goals.)

Stop the CRAP lah...

When was the last time you heard an opponents' coach came to say, "Yes, we are the weaker side and we are the underdogs for this match"? I think it's pretty that case whenever any opponent come play against the Lions, nowadays. I would say this mind game would give me some sort of goose-bump, yucks I kinda find it @#$^&!! It's a game of football and not a game of men against BOYS.. Good Luck, Boys and dont' step onto this trap!!

From "The Straits Times"

It's not usual for me to pick up a copy of the flagship broadsheet of the SPH. And it's not usual for the backpages to spotlight on local football as well. One of the stories being featured - the rejection of national striker Indra Sahdan by MLS outfit, Real Salt Lake. With 3/4 of the page focused on the dearth of the COE schemes among the S.League clubs. On Indra's rejection Strike the iron while it's hot, if the ace striker still has that desire to play in some top-notch league. One possible (and the only feasible) destination - Australia. Why not? After all, football ties between the two has always closely linked and quite a handful of former S.League players are plying their trade over there (in the States Leagues and even the top-tier A-League). The dearth of the COE schemes Some might not find it pleasant when I said this but in regards of the dearth, I would said, "SCRAP IT!" Since some clubs find it, either too costly or logistically hard to maintain t

South of the Border - a South Melbourne FC blog: Socceroos to take on Singapore... again

South of the Border - a South Melbourne FC blog: Socceroos to take on Singapore... again Got this blog entry from one of the blog I exchanged link with. What came to my mind was how would the Aussies felt when they realised that they might be playing at Kallang, where the National Stadium "was-supposed-to-be-torn-down" last year? Gosh.. am I realised that I paid a PREMIUM for this sproofy T-Shirt??

Great start for the Warriors...Kit"CHUP" for Kitchee

SAFFC's warming up at their designated half Kitchee's warming up prior the game (does the floodlights match up to 2000lux?) Face it man, Kitchee (from Hong Kong) were never into the game when they faced SAFFC in this AFC Cup opener. It's not wonder they ate the humble pie by saying they would be happy if they walked away from Jalan Besar with ONE point at pre-match media session (was later told this was NOT their best XI due to import restriction for this tournament). Nonetheless, it was a relief for all of us at the JBS after AFC decided to have this fixture in the accustomed timeslot, instead of having it at 4.30pm (to compliment the 2000 lux ruling for the floodlights)! Kitchee's team manager, Ken Ng (with necktie) alongside with SAFFC's coach Richard Bok in the post match media conference Ken Ng, the team manager of the visiting team paid tribute to the Warriors during the post-match media conference. "SAFFC is a strong team" said Ng "Tonight

Not matter what

One shall never flare up in the game especially to those helping out in the game. Above-mentioned clip is a highlight of the Copa Libertadores fixture between Flamengo of Brazil and Nacional of Uruguay. Good Job by the referee.. Kudos!!!

Break for a week after and soon...

Sorry for the fact that I didn't update anything for the past week, due to the uncertainties involving my working schedule.. I am not sure if I'm pressing the panic button now, having saw some one-sided scores for the past few days. 5 Mar 2008 Sengkang Punggol 1 : 4 Tampines Rovers 6 Mar 2008 Dalian Shide Siwu 1 : 6 Singapore Armed Forces FC 6 Mar 2008 Albirex Niigata (S) 1 : 5 Home United Fair enough, the big guns of the league posted victories in their fixtures against their much weaker opponents but each goal margin is such a worrying sight. It's never something sweet to taste if one lost a game by such a gap. Not just bitter for the players but also the fans, who might jump into the "wrong conclusion" again. Anyway, the season is still at its infancy.. so for the sake of everybody.. fight for your pride and even if you lose, do it with honour.. It's BAD enough to look in this manner.. BUCK UP!!