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If you were at Queenstown stadium days ago, you bound to hear the mentioned chants by the "home" fans. After all, it was the home debut of Dalian Shide Siwu FC (one of the many variations of this team) - the latest addition to the S.League. Initially, these fans (a small pocket of Chinese expatriates) were chanting "Come On, Dalian!" (大连队,加油!) before they switched to "Come On, Shide!" (实得队,加油!), although the funny part occurred when they also chant "Come on, LIAONING!"(辽宁队,加油!) No fault to that, since Dalian is a seaport located in the Liaoning province, thus no argument to that I thought (See the map above.. Thanks Paul, for reminding me that). PICTURES at QUEENSTOWN STADIUM The first surprise was to read the another variation of the name of the Dalian Shide Football Club - "Dalian Shide Talent Development Football Club' (Wow.. that's long and formal eh..) Another surprise was to see the media booth being shifted upwards to the top

Brazilian's write-up of S.League

The "PrtSc" shoot of the site... Got a request for info days ago, just before the kick-off of the season. A Brazilian journalist was keen to do a write-up for the League and requested for some information. So I did and not long ago he emailed the link of the story (as mentioned below - the URL) It's in Portuguese though (might need to translate with the in-built software inside the Firefox browser)

The website of "Jaguars Den"

picture link Came across the website while someone was searching for "Steven Tan" on Google. "Jaguars Den" was probably one of the first few S.League-related website making its debut in late 1990s. Sad to note that unavoidable financial crunch had forced this well-supported club out of business years back, but at least fans of the Jags can still relive that memories by log on to this not-longer-update site at

Different kind of football..

Saw this not-your-usual kind of football at "FairPrice Xtra" at AMK HUB At least, it solves the problem in case the stadium light-out or the urge of having a kick-about in any dark alley.. Simply, because it GLOWS in DARK... But the problem is it's small in size, suppose to meant for kids eh?? (not fair actually)

Reborn Reds...

(P.S: I decided to take down this entry temporary and re-posted it again on Tuesday (19th) evening,to avoid being perceived as "trying to be faster" than the official league website) Festive mood greeted those who were at Yishun Stadium before the first match of the new season between Super Reds and Woodlands Wellington. "Shouldn't this introductory event be done last year during their inaugural year?" I thought when I saw the carnival-styled atmosphere at the Korean-based Super Reds' designated home ground. A banner (near the Khatib MRT station) announced the match to be played at Yishun stadium. These ladies were from Korean broadcaster KBS (as I overheard someone was asking them, saw one of them at JBS on Sunday..) "That's life in Singapore..." as a short video clip was played to the fans that documented the life of the players in Singapore. Traditional Korean drum performance kicked start the fanfare before the match. "Here they ar