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Calling from Nigeria

Just got two emails from Nigeria. The one below is from a football agent, as what he claimed, said that he has a group of players ready to ply their trade here. And following that, a player also wrote in and said he's played in number of tournaments in Nigerian and aboard. So any clubs or whosoever are keen (or ready to take them in), please let me know and I will forward the emails to you guys..

"Ooops!! I did it AGAIN!!" TNP

The New Paper 05th Oct 2008 Just less than 24 hours we heard out how Egmar Goncalves is, another shocking news unfold from an unlikely source - The New Paper, that another pioneering player of the controversial FTS, Mirko Grabovac had packed and went back to Croatia. Again, the main local (European) football paper had triumphed again in bringing us another sensational story that all least expected them to do so, given their track record in recent times. Enough said of that, it's clear in this article that the FTS scheme is once again under the scrutiny of the public eyes and things can't be help when another product of such scheme - Li Jiawei had announced her engagement to a businessman and her plan to return to her place of birth after her role in ending the Olympics medal drought for this island republic in 40 odd years. So I think I can't blame some of those folks out there for against engaging foreign-born sportsmen for bring sporting glory to us when some of these gu

Egmar was here...

Got an email from a friend in Brazil In his email he mentioned that Egmar Goncalves, the former Home United legend and national player dropped in for a visit at this blog not that long ago (some text blurred as it wasn't meant for public viewing :P). Based on the info my friend Renato given, I managed to trace down where "ES" (Espirito Santo) is in Brazil, using my "Feedjit" tracker. Again, I don't know how reliable this "Feedjit" software in tracking down the location of visitors (remember a blog entry I posted months back?) Anyway, this is the only presentable picture I have of the prolific striker who had truly left his mark on local football scene (received his long awaited "top-scorer" award in 2004 from the then DPM Dr Tony Tan, whom many people at the awards night mistaken me for him when I made my entrance), despite all the highs and lows... We should wish he well...