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Egmar was here...

Got an email from a friend in Brazil

In his email he mentioned that Egmar Goncalves, the former Home United legend and national player dropped in for a visit at this blog not that long ago (some text blurred as it wasn't meant for public viewing :P).

Based on the info my friend Renato given, I managed to trace down where "ES" (Espirito Santo) is in Brazil, using my "Feedjit" tracker.

Again, I don't know how reliable this "Feedjit" software in tracking down the location of visitors (remember a blog entry I posted months back?)

Anyway, this is the only presentable picture I have of the prolific striker who had truly left his mark on local football scene (received his long awaited "top-scorer" award in 2004 from the then DPM Dr Tony Tan, whom many people at the awards night mistaken me for him when I made my entrance), despite all the highs and lows...

We should wish he well...


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