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Here are some of the links which I frequent in my blogging.

Football Association of Singapore -
This is the official website of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), the game's local governing body. Founded in 1892, FAS is one of the oldest football associations in the world.

Singapore Premier League -
The SPL (Singapore Premier League) is Singapore's only professional sporting competition which was inaugurated back in 1996 as the S.League before being rebranded to its current name in 2018.

Asean Football Federation
The AFF (Asean Football Federation) was formally established in January 1984 and is a smaller organization within the greater Asian Football Confederation (AFC) focusing on South East Asian (ASEAN) nations.

It is responsible for staging the biennial regional marquee – the AFF Championship (formerly known as Tiger Cup and now as AFF Suzuki Cup for sponsorship reasons).

Asian Football Confederation -
Formed on 7th May 1954 in Manila, AFC (Asian Football Confederation) this is the governing body of football in Asia and Australia and one of the six confederations within FIFA.

Being one of the members of the AFC, Singapore participates in tournaments organized by AFC such as the AFC Asian Cup (for senior men's national teams) and club competitions like AFC Champions League and AFC Cup.

The Straits Times
1845 was the year that saw the establishment of this Singapore broadsheet and because of its long history, this newspaper has been an important source in my archiving work on local football history.

The New Paper
When this newspaper hit the streets back in 1988, it quickly established itself as an important source of information for local football followers before the arrival of the internet with its intensive coverage on local and foreign football.

Despite the proliferation of social media in recent years, TNP, as what it is popularly known as, still dedicated a section on Singapore Football on their news coverage.

Top 100 Soccer Blogs
It is an honour for this blog to be named as one of the "Top 100 Soccer Blogs" - The most comprehensive list of Top 100 Soccer Blogs on the internet.

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