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A Mere Case of Misapprehension?

INTRODUCTION   This is a follow up blog entry to discuss a few points which were discovered along the way during the compilation of earlier post on the plan to send Leong Hoi Meng and Foo Hee Jong to Leeds United for a try out in early 1950.  It is advisable to read the above-mentioned blog post ( click here ) before proceed to the article below. THE EARLIEST PRESS REPORTS Along the way while compiling the details of this overlooked futile attempt to send both Leong Hoi Meng and Foo Hee Jong to Leeds United for a trial in early 1950, there were some interesting discoveries which would make us ponder over a thing or two.  On 5th October 1949, Malaya Tribune reported a "professional soccer scout" from United Kingdom talent spotted eleven footballers, ten from Singapore and one player from Selangor.  The eleven players were: Leong Hoi Meng, Lim Tiang Chye, Wee Hoon Leong, Lim Eng Siang, Ho Hin Weng, Foo Hee Jong, Tan Chye Hee, Samad Yusoff, Ahmat Yusoff, Chia Boon Leong and Sel