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Instant Reaction: Oman 2-0 SIngapore

Image from FAS website Which is why there are humps and restrictive strips along a straight road, this must be the logic, eh??

Watch OUT for the Red wave....

I guess some of you missed this Bishan encounter this afternoon (at the time of writing, it was still Saturday evening.). I don't really blame you for that as no one from the mainstream media was reporting it, so no one was aware of it (except those who got to know this match by word of mouth). Anyway, cut that crap and straight to the point. In an odd arrangement, the game was played in three halves with 30 minutes each (man, I didn't know that there is this kind of format!!). And the result was a much-improved Super Reds defeated the under-strength Home United, THREE goals to one. MATCH PICTURES The customary lining up and greetings prior the match... The coin-toss and handshakes... The Super Reds bench... The Home Utd bench... Peres De Oliveira, back at Bishan Stadium after a spell at Tampines, unleashed his trickery against the Koreans. Picture of the action taken from the stand. Caretaker coach (ironically former Protector as well) Jeon Kyeong Joon spent two months t

Instead Reaction : Kuwait 0-2 Singapore (admended)

Image courtesy of FAS website It's just the beginning of the whole process. As always, let's not too carried away over the win against the Kuwaitis , thus lost our focus. Keep up the good work... Majulah Singapura ... Well done Guys!! (P.s: Many thanks to Ronin, for pointing out the mistake...)

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Match Day Ritual (Bedok)

It must be a struggle whenever I wanna mentioned something what you can do prior the match, within the stadium vicinity. You see, the problem arises from the collective town planning in the early days that the authority had "cloned" the "town center" similar to one another. In this entry, I went to catch Geylang played against Police SA yesterday, and at meantime take a look what Bedok have to offer (nothing much as far as I concerned...Sorry to you, Bedok residents :P). Click on the "Google Map" for a bigger picture HOW TO GET THERE... the bus interchange , well-connected around the island.. ..or the MRT (fairly accessible though) ..or you want to opt for this "premium" service - TAXI WHAT TO SEE... The hawker center, which is located beside the bus interchange, is always packed with people eager to fill up their stomach. If time allow.. give a try to sample the "Mee Rebus" by this stall named "Inspirasi". Like any heart

"the main thing is to get some (match) practices..."

Mum Nature took us for a ride prior this friendly match between Geylang United and Police SA at Bedok. Luckily, the "Mum" was aware that the sparsely few of us weren't want to make a waste trip, so she blessed the game to proceed on. As this was a group together for a simple kickabout so arrangement as such: the announcer (where are you, Bernard?), the scoreboard (being switched off), the A-signs and the ball-boys (their presence were sorely missed as the players had to double-up as the ball retriever as well.) were nowhere to be found or functioning. The Professionals - Geylang United warmed up despite the heavy drizzle. The amateurs - Police SA, trooped out after the rains stopped The customary hand-shaking prior the match. The reason why league fixtures are being staged at night time - see the empty and sunshine-exposed stand? 4-0 was the result of this friendly fixture, which I think it's hard to gauge if the Eagles are ready for their return to the big time. Af

I am not a marketing man (Part 4)

Initially, I thought the whole idea (of the "gift" idea) was gonna called off until one fine day... Got this idea when I happened to surf across the net that I came to know the gimmick of getting "iron-on" printing on T-shirt. " Okay, that settled everything.. thanks" was what I told my supplier.. So this was what I got from my vendor just now... So this is what the whole thing is about. (in "reverse" before "iron-on") DONE - rejuvenated a plain white back (rather than have it in front and on an obscure position)... So there you have it - an "iron-on" logo on an old T-shirt of me. Save the earth?? or at least hope it does generate a fair bit of publicity from my back .. hehehehe The only concern is how long does this "iron-on" going to stay on the T-shirt?? To be updated...

I am not a marketing man (Part 3)

The whole idea sprung out after I thought what should I do to further enhance the awareness of the eleven year-old site (spreading thoughts and views in blogging shall never be a passive business, eh..) ? Some of the already implemented ways like:- The conventional way of link exchanging with other similar blogs/ websites. Included the site banner in my profile signature on various forums. ...been doing quite okay and did more or less increased the traffic. So came the "gift" idea. For a start, I pondering a few options like:- The wristband The mobilephone tag (incorporated a screen wiper) Keychains Epoxy stickers (those u saw on some desktops) While the cost of making those above-mentioned aren't cheap, but also how much publicity can those stuff generate? Of course, I can't charge them at a "premium rate" to recover my costs. Also, sourcing for companies that going to make these stuff was a challenge as well. Still, I decided to try out two options here. W

Drug ABUSE...

A spur of moment had me decided to pen this entry, after reading the conviction of disgraced Marion Jones for drug usage and other criminal charges. While, here in Singapore and particular this region on whole, we seems to emphasis more effort to tackle "that thing". The question here is - Are we putting in as much effort on curbing illegal drug usage, if any? No, no, no... I'm not implying that there's such practice is rampant in local football but the point is we ought to be alert as well in this drug abuse issue. Thank Goodness, we never had such a major embarrassment (on drug abuse) since the inception of professional football except those due to carelessness and "timely discover of it." One such carelessness case involved a player's (as he's still an active player, I would not reveal who he is) over dosage of an herbal concoction without knowing its dreaded consequence. And the meantime, a European player was denied from playing here after the t

"That thing" again loh....

Recently, someone asked about what I mean by "that thing" . If you guys ( see below ) read today's copy of "联合早报"(Lianhe Zaobao), "TODAY", "my paper 我报" (not sure if "The Straits Times" or "TNP" carried that news), you all should know what is "that thing" I referring to (as I promised myself not to mention "that thing" on cyberspace anymore). While the public have the every right to know anything regarding "that thing", however with the opening of the new season less than two months away and the national team about to embark their World Cup qualifiers, it is indeed a smack on the face. All efforts to build on the recent success of national team to attract fans back to the grounds hit a snag, following the breaking of the news. No doubt, questions will be asked again if any part of "that thing" really happened during the past months. If proven guilty… it’s really KNN (for those of yo

Some thoughts about "Anonymous" feedback

Weeks ago, someone left this comment (pictured above) on one of the blog entries. It occurred when this Mr "A" (for Anonymous) just could not accept the result after the U-23 defeated the highly-fancied Vietnamese. But the main concern was he mentioned "that thing" (I need not further elaborate as you know what I meant). It seems that more than a decade after Czech Michal Vana cabut (sneaked away) out of the island after "that thing", the effort of wiping out "that thing" is always the top priority of the game's governing body but to erase that mindset of some, it still a long way to go. While I don't wish to dwell on "that thing", rather I would like to say something from another side of it. Because the two own goals that "laid the foundation", thus it was not surprise to have those sceptics threw the darts at Raddy's boys. Though, a friend of me commented that it was the sheer pressure by the Cubs' frontline

Got Lions jersey FINALLY....

So here is it.. the somehow "elusive" national team jersey (pictured above), it's not that I don't want to have it purchased earlier but I was pretty pissed by the "unpatriotic" attitude by that outlet in Peninsula Plaza . Although, my mum quizzed at the material and said, "thought you hate this kind of (elastic) fabric?". "No lah, this material helps to keep body dry (DRI-FIT ) material " , as I explained. Here's Kallang Leisure Park - right across the National Stadium and Singapore Indoor Stadium. And this was the heap where I digged up my jersey (what an unpleasant sight!). Other than apparels, shoes were another HOT items as well. Though, I thought the "cable-tie" reminds me of " Mustafa "...hehehehe.