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First Posting of the Year 2008

Anyway, as you all have just noticed .. YES.. after 11 years of existence, this humble platform of my finally got a "DOTCOM" at its rear. To mark the occasion here's the new titlebar of the blog... Never thought it was so easy, just a click of a few buttons and BINGO (at a cost, of course..) and I only decided somewhere around 9pm to get it done. It's not always the case for me to make any New Year plans . Because once you ha d these written down, you got to fulfill it. Nope, don't get me wrong... It just that the invisible pressure that might come along to urge you to meet your deadline, whereas I am someone who would rather take thing at its natural course. Anyway these plans are meant for this blog. First all of all, the fonts - from this year onwards, I will stick to the default font and colours assigned by (freaked out by those mysterious out-of-alignment issues, which I still can't figure out what caused them ) The images, photos or create

Met an "old friend"

This signboard caught my attention during my Vivocity stroll. Little would I expected but that was what I saw. Initially, I thought it might be just a case of pure coincidence but as I positioned outside to observe the ambience and setting that you can't help, however, to notice the football cushion seats they have outside the restaurant. Suddenly, Wang Jinhui (the vice-chairman of the defunct club) appeared from the outlet, therefore confirmed everything, as he was seen giving some instructions or whatsoever to his staff. From " " Thought Sinchi had long gone from the scene after they failed to fulfil the promises they made after they pulled out from the league. Much was said that they would be involved in the futsal development, yet having successfully branched into F&B line, I guess they would feel more a sense of achievement in that area other than football itself.

A peek at the NFL...

Was surfing around the FAS website and saw something pretty interesting. (Picture above: This is the mailing address of "Redhill Rangers". ) I would like to mention that this club was founded in the early 1980s at a coffeeshop (based on what I read) in Bukit Merah ("Red Hill" in Malay, of course) area. They eventually rose to the top and played in the Primier League and one of their first foreign signings - the eccentric custodian Sandro Radun (the "white" Rene Higuita). In the later years, they decided to join the S.League and shifted their base to Bukit Gombak and changed their name to "Gombak United". I think there were some changes in the management that must saw the team split into two, with the Bulls (Gombak United) remains where it is now and the splitter group decided to carry on the name "Redhill Rangers" and play their matches in the lower rungs of the setup. (P.s: whatever mentioned above is true to my knowledge, please kind

Looking for that year-end gift...

(photo courtesy of Something pretty disturbing occurred yesterday at Peninsula Plaza. You see, I was hunting high and low for this particular national team t-shirt (not jersey, as illustrated and worn by Faizal Hamid) for ages. So I happened to drop by into this sporting goods shop inside "Peninsula", as I was told that's the outlet most likely to have it. "We are NOT as DIE-HARD as you," said the shop assistant in a half-jested manner. "But we would have PLENTY of stock, if (Singapore) lost." he added (which I interpreted as "C'mon, dun waste your bloody time, man!" ). Sad reality but that's the fact that I still can't find the T-shirt I'm looking despite it's that of the national team. Yeah, I did went to the various NIKE outlets in Singapore but to no avail. Why could such a thing happened? Does this means this team being : three-time Asean champions in recent times now among the top 20 teams of this con