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Looking for that year-end gift...

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Something pretty disturbing occurred yesterday at Peninsula Plaza.

You see, I was hunting high and low for this particular national team t-shirt (not jersey, as illustrated and worn by Faizal Hamid) for ages.

So I happened to drop by into this sporting goods shop inside "Peninsula", as I was told that's the outlet most likely to have it.

"We are NOT as DIE-HARD as you," said the shop assistant in a half-jested manner.

"But we would have PLENTY of stock, if (Singapore) lost." he added (which I interpreted as "C'mon, dun waste your bloody time, man!").

Sad reality but that's the fact that I still can't find the T-shirt I'm looking despite it's that of the national team.

Yeah, I did went to the various NIKE outlets in Singapore but to no avail.

Why could such a thing happened? Does this means this team being :

  • three-time Asean champions in recent times
  • now among the top 20 teams of this continent

mean nothing to anyone of us?

Season Greetings to all ...


  1. Check out

    for the 'elusive' T-Shirt!

    Good to see one die-hard fan dedicated to his local sport.

    Keep up the good work!


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