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Instant Reaction - See what I mean??

(Prelude: I am not sure if I'm right to say veteran media personnel Hakikat Rai shared the same sentiment after the dull draw last weekend, having reading his comment on "TODAY" this morning - pictured below.)

I'm sure most of the folks out there are pretty skeptical about our chances against the "mighty" Vietnamese..

After all, who can blame some of you for having that though when you up against one of the in-form teams of the region.

Anyway, the result (after some final scares) spoke for itself.. Keep on moving boys..

With some of the audience catching the game at J8's "Best Denki"..
Could only catch the last 20 minutes of the game because I just knocked-off

Hassan Sunny was the hero of the evening but can't blame him for his inability to stop the PK.

Enough said.. Keep up the tempo..


  1. 1998 Tiger cup was all over again!!! the match has been fixed!!!


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