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Goodby my "HOME" (re-post)

Not long ago my sisiter said, "Thought you said it was LAST TIME already?" when I mentioned that I'm going to the National Stadium for the recent-concluded friendly matches. Almost two years after a blog entry and a video tribute .. I was still wonder when the day will come I guess it was due to the indeceiveness of the SSC that made everyone kept speculating when the "Grand OLD Lady" is going to be bulldozed, thus it was declared that 30th June was confirmed as the "grand finale" of this Kallang arena. More picture of the National Stadium. This is the press room (above) where all reporters mingled, crack jokes and of course, meet the deadline. A view of the playing surface and the running track from the top-tier of the stadium (above). Here's the "yellow box" of the stadium, where fans gathered to ease and calm their nerves. It's always having that exciting feeling to walk through one of the many entrances, eagerly anticipate any

Cast Aside

I'm not sure if my eyesight was playing a trick on me (as I underwent an eye operation not that long ago.). On the left of the text is the snapshot of the "roll-of-honour" list of Sports Awards 2007. Much to my dismay, our beloved national football team were not even credited at least a meritorious award. Thus I am wonder why could not this be happened? Is it because being an Asean football champions mean nothing to the sport administrators??

Johnny joins the fiesta in June as well

"TODAY"'s report on the upcoming football fiesta June's Football Feast It's nice to see number of the Asian Cup finalists are here in Singapore in weeks to come for their preparation of the main event. This is something rare in a sense that the national team seldom have chances like these to pit against some of the best in the region. Personally, I would love to see the Lions play against some of these teams on a more frequent basis (if possible), rather having (with no disrespect) against the likes of Sri Lanka or Maldives in recent years. I guess it's more on planning ahead, if not why we always hear club managers in Europe reluctant to release their players for those "meaningless friendlies"? "Welcome Johnny" Together with the upcoming fiesta is probably the much-anticipated debut of new Lion John Wilkinson of SAFFC. Most of today's papers which I had scanned through had carried the news of the inclusion of

You just can't please all of them

(P.S: thought want tohave this blog entry posted straight after the Lions' successful run in the Asean Football Championship, but second thought I decided to wait till now and see how's the reaction.) While the media, fans are lauding the success of the national team in retaining their regional supremacy, there's still a group of guys simply don't buy that as an accomplishment. "They were just lucky, as you can see the midfield were not up to task against the Thais." said one of those I heard. "Is this the type of football they played, for earning 4k?" said another. And that classic comment of all, ” they are not as good as those last times who played for the national team." If the first two quotes do make sense to some, fine. I would have some thoughts on the last statement. Just days before the second-leg of the semi-final between Malaysia and us, one of my co-workers made one such "comparison" comments. "Just take who we have