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[Barclays Asia Trophy] It's Toffees vs The Gunners in Final...

The Barclays Asia Trophy will be a battle between Arsenal and Everton on this coming Saturday after cleared their hurdles along the way. The Gunners booked their ticket after shutout the Singapore Selection four goals to none. The Toffees, on the other hand, defeated Stoke City on penalties to confirm theirs after a goal-less outing. Lakaku's (right) effort was ruled offside  Peter Crouch (25) utilised his advantage to the fullest Belgian striker Romelu Lakaku would have put the Goodison Park tenants on the pole position before the interval if not for his attempt to be ruled offside. With several close exchanges that failed to yield any dividend forced the opener to head into penalties and resulted Everton proceed to the final on a scoreline of five to four with 'keeper Tim Howard made a crucial save during shoot-out. Arsenal did not field their strongest lineup against the Singapore Selection with less than half of those started by manager Arsene Wenger are the

[Barclays Asia Trophy] - Humid worries, No Bus Parking ...

BAT2015 pre-match presser Everything is ready to get set for the seventh edition of the Barclays Asia Trophy - the gala event that will see three Barclays Premier League teams - Arsenal, Everton and Stoke City to feature alongside a Singapore Selection that comprises of mainly the Singapore national players with a few S.League imports over the next few days. In a pre-match press conference that was filled with media from all over, each team was represented by their team manager (coach) and their captain for get-together at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Scotts Road. Everton's manger Martinez and skipper Jagielka The humid climate is singled out as one of the main concerns shared by Everton manager Roberto Martinez while taking questions from the floor that surrounded the recent transfer market, expectations of the Toffees for their upcoming domestic season which skipper and England international Phil Jagielka hopes to finish at "any position that will qualify them for E

[Event] Barclays Asia Trophy - Tickets NOW ON SALE!

(L-R) Ian Wright, Mamady Sidibe and Graham Stuart Into its seventh edition, the Barclays Asia Trophy will be heading its way to Singapore this coming July. This pre-season friendly tournament takes place every two years and is the only Premier League-affiliated competition to be held outside England, the past editions saw the tournament in cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Hong Kong (who hosted the event thrice in 2007,2011 and 2013). Past tournaments saw the likes of newly-crowned Premier League champions Chelsea, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Manchester City took on local sides like Kitchee (in 2011) and South China (2013) in Hong Kong, while facing Malaysia national team in 2003 and Thailand U23 national squad in 2005 at Bangkok. (L-R): John Dykes, Richard Masters and Zainudin Nordin Everton will be making their second appearance in this tournament after they were last featured in the 2005 edition in Bangkok. Joining them in this 2015 edition will be Arse

Do you agree?

Just a short one here... This quote on yesterday's "MyPaper" caught my attention. Short and powerful message strong enough to epitomize the crisis football is facing nowadays everywhere on this planet. Let's bring the game back to the fans and not being a toy for the risk-mongers.

1989 Hillsborough Disaster - In memory of those 96 who lost their lives

"Hillsborough Disaster" clip from Youtube It's hard to imagine that 20 years had past since that tragic day in Sheffield. This was probably the first time such a human tragic event unfolded in front of my own eyes, on television. Soon after Peter Beardsley missed a chance to give Liverpool the lead in this ill-fated FA Cup semi-final match, the TV cameras switched the attention of the millions viewers to Leppings Lane terrace, where the tragedy happened. This blog entry is dedicated to those who lost their lives on this day, this time 20 years ago... (P.S: Please kindly exercise your utmost respect to the deceased, should you have anything to comment, thanks....)

The 50 worst things about modern football

Some of you had seen it somewhere, if not here's a reproduction of the list... See if you agree (to some certain it's true, though from a British perspective) The Times - The 50 worst things about modern football - Reasons Why The Modern Game Makes Us Mad Kaveh Solhekol Football is one of the greatest things in the world but it’s not perfect. It used to be perfect. Before money and television and the Bosman ruling and Baby Bentleys and roastings and tattoos and takeovers and no standing and agents and prawn sandwiches and rotation. These are the 50 worst things about modern football. It could have been 500. 50. Technical areas Did Bob Paisley need a technical area when Liverpool won three European Cups and six league titles? Did Alf Ramsey need a technical area when England won the World Cup? What’s so technical about a bit of grass and some white lines, anyway? Memo to all modern managers: Sit down and shut up. 49. Motorway service stations You pop in to go to the toilet and

How could you!!! Sir....

from the AFC official site ... We have lost an ally to prevent the "invasion" ... I have nothing to say but feeling disappointed and regret the fact that such an "U-TURN" took place...

Kena "SHOOTed"...

RIP "Shoot" (1969-2008) I wasn't aware until I "googled" and "WIKIed" around to know the demise of "SHOOT" magazine. Quoted from the "wiki" page of SHOOT : "Shoot's circulation fell from 120,000 copies per week in 1996 to 33,455 in Autumn 2007. [5] . It had changed to a monthly publication in 2000 as it faced massive competition from its long-term rival Match and a series of new titles including FourFourTwo , When Saturday Comes and other failed competitors such as 90 Minutes and Total Football. Its circulation in 2007 rose 7% year-on-year and it relaunced as a weekly magazine in late February 2008. [6] However, publishers IPC closed the magazine at the end of June 2008. [7] " I recalled in my younger days (when I was still a Liverpool fanatic), those before the days of the internet with papers and BBC World Service being the instant source for any latest news for English footbal news, "SHOOT" magazine wa


Bought this copy yesterday...

If they want it, come and have it but they must pay for it...

I read that those guys in London still refused to give up their plan to stage that controversial "39th" game outside England . Like many parochial-mined football fans, I don't favour this sort of "invasion" as the potential of having a staple of "holiday football" is eminent. Picture credit: Wikipedia However, having watched the annual National Day Parade held on the 9th August, at the "Floating Platform" (pictured above), my stand somehow tweaked a bit. Ok, ok, hold your knives and rotten eggs that are aiming at me. Tweaked in a sense that I'm NOT accepting the proposal for that "39th" game to be played in this region but how about having a showcase event of top class football action on the platform whenever is convenient? A break from the conventional ambience of playing in a surrounded arena is the point we need to sell in order to entice some of the biggest names in football to play on it. Now, take a look at the locatio

This is makin me sick....

(P.S: I know it's nothing to do with Singapore football but the headline below just make me SICK!!!) picture from "mypaper" I certainly hope Lionel Messi would not become he was depicted in the picture above, as if he was tired and worn-out if the deal goes ahead to see him becoming the most expensive player in the history of football. I just think the whole thing is gettin' out of hand with the big money transfer is simply going bananas. No doubt, Messi is a talented player but why give him such a big burden being the world's most expensive player at such a young tender age? We seen so many players being brought by this tag eg: Denilson in 1998 Mr Abramovich, (whose picture from "wiki") you may have the money of the world but please don't destroy the game for the sake of getting success in the shortest space of time. Chelsea may appreciate what you done but there are even bigger number of there just dont feel the same way.

Ok lah, "Hamtam" and see how lah..

One visitor made the abovementioned comment So, for the benefit for all, I decided to draw out the whole process of it... Hmm... perhaps should I ?? Ok lah, "Hamtam" and see how lah.. "Alrite, we will run your letter, thanks" A "run-through" and see how it is... " " - Raw unedited version of my " " -"mypaper" version (after editing) So based on the TWO versions, able to tell if "mypaper" had done a good job in interpret my views or not??

Invasion is coming!!!

I'm not a xenophobic (if not, I would have be the flag bearer of asking the "strictly-local-born" policy in the national team.) but the latest gimmick by the folks in London is way TOO MUCH!! At least, should we say their conscience are CLEARER now as they finally realized after so many years of "holiday" football in this part of the world, the aristocrats really realized they need to be a bit more serious this time round. But "Anglophiles", you would just have to "wait long long" as we will not have the mean to stage any of the matches unless the new Sports Hub is ready by 2010... While at the meantime, I shake my head and declared, "FOOTBALL HAD LOST ITS GRASSROOTS LINK - FINALLY!!"

Doesn't we look like a bunch of fools??

Do I need to say more? Just take a look at the picture above, I guess we being the "carrot" being sliced piece by piece by the people who might not even know where is Singapore? Wake up guys!! they had earned more than enough and distanced themselves from the ground!