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Kena "SHOOTed"...

RIP "Shoot" (1969-2008)

I wasn't aware until I "googled" and "WIKIed" around to know the demise of "SHOOT" magazine.

Quoted from the "wiki" page of SHOOT:

"Shoot's circulation fell from 120,000 copies per week in 1996 to 33,455 in Autumn 2007. [5]. It had changed to a monthly publication in 2000 as it faced massive competition from its long-term rival Match and a series of new titles including FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes and other failed competitors such as 90 Minutes and Total Football.

Its circulation in 2007 rose 7% year-on-year and it relaunced as a weekly magazine in late February 2008. [6] However, publishers IPC closed the magazine at the end of June 2008.[7]"

I recalled in my younger days (when I was still a Liverpool fanatic), those before the days of the internet with papers and BBC World Service being the instant source for any latest news for English footbal news, "SHOOT" magazine was something like a "dessert after the main course".

There's something you can't avoid - CHANGE and remain INNOVATING at ALL TIMES.

The demise of the "SHOOT" bears the best testament for this fact (see the tag above the word SHOOT - "Britain's BEST seller").

(P.S: Also found this relic during my tidying up months ago)


  1. i got my first ever issue of shoot back in 1973 and kept it for years

    used to buy it every week, remember they used to have special booklets and league ladders that you would build up week after week

    for many many years it was the best and indeed only thing out there about football

  2. Long time since I cared about the EPL (i was able to pass myself off as Liverpool fan... just), but will never forget reading Shoot Magazine wehn I was like 9 years old... and those cardboard ladders are irreplacable.


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