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Rains didn't dampen the celebration.

Believe it or not.. the moment when the referee Mr Abdul Malik blew to signal the end of the match between the defending champions Tampines Rovers and Cup finalist Woodland Wellington - IT RAINS (Picture on the left: with the league trophy, it's very pretty heavy, precaution required if you ever got a chance to lift it!! Many thanks to Mr Samuel Panthradil for making this picture possible) Still the wet weather failed to deter the Stags from popping the champagne, that was supposed to open last week. With the signboard placed and presentation ready to commence, Mother Nature thought the otherwise and "advised" the ceremony to be carried on the main stand (similar to that of those happened at the Wembley stadium) Only feel sorry for the boys who had to carry the huge signboard to and fro between the pitch and the stand. Luckily, things went smoothly for them but not for me, though as the taxi that supposed to take me home, made a wrong turn and went merry-go-round before r

Get your butt off and head to Kallang on 6th Nov

F or the fact that the "grand old lady" - the National stadium is to be demolished soon to make way for the new sporting hub. I urge the fans to turn out at the National stadium for the one last time for the Singapore Cup final. The 50,000 capacity arena is the born place of the much-feared "Kallang Roar", that trumatised every visiting team. 1994 was the year l made regular trips to the stadium, joined the rest of the 50,000 fans cheering the likes of Fandi, Abbas and Co. Other than the "Kallang Wave" that made its debut in the 90's, one of the fun activities was "charge across" the Nicoll Highway (pictured on the left) after every match (some sort of victory celebration.), as the main bridge that linked from the stadium car park to the transit point (the PA HQ) to the nearest MRT station, always packed like sardines, thus many fans left with no other alternative but carried out that dangerous stunt. Of course, it was a dangerous act that l

The Last game??

Sombre mood greeted this blogger when entered the Hougang stadium just now. Overheard this conversation at the entrance of the stadium that goes like this ".. Can help me to take a picture (of me) at the stadium??" said one player to his fellow mate, who declined as he was tasked to another job. 25th Oct 2005 - an another day for you and me but to some of the Paya Lebar Punggol FC's players, they could have played their last game before ever knowing where they will heading to next. Certainly, hope this sad scenario don't repeat itself again as the League authourity go through again a list of teams, which intend to join the league family next year.

How things change in a space of week...

Football is such as cruel game, especially for a team like Woodlands Wellington. A week ago, a win over their Cup Finalist Home Utd would have kept in the title race. Alas though, things took a sudden turn. No thanks to the flooded pitch at Bishan that caused them the game but dashed any hope of winning their first ever title. Could this a blessing in disguise?? Although the only sad thing is should that last week's game went Rams' favour, their next week match against the defending champions Tampines Rovers would have been the title decider. (Pictures taken during the warming up prior the game coupled with those poorly-coordinated drumming and blastering music that almost broke the blogger's eardrums, hehehehe )


It means - "Sinchi, go back to where you belong to !!!" After at the receiving end of a strong- worded column by the morning complimentary daily, TODAY. Let us hope this time is for REAL. As Sinchi changed their mind again about taking part in the competition at the eleventh hour, after the published of the comment by TODAY's sports editor Mr Leonard Thomas. At least, it saves us the daunting trip to the "Wild, Wild West" (Jurong stadium, pictured on the left) next year and no more those crap football dished by the Chinese-based outfit. "But I find the criticism very harsh and honestly, I feel that enough is enough. Sinchi is a guest playing in Singapore. Would you always lash out at a guest?" The above-mentioned statement (in italic) was said by Mr Wang Jinhui, the Sinchi vice-chairman. Hold on, Mr Wang, you mentioned your team is a "guest", then please kindly explain those actions like assaulting the referee in the game. Afterall, referees


Sometimes, I wondering if those so-called EPL clubs "fans" ever thought of dreaming able to get UP CLOSE with the likes Owen, Henry and etc. I'm sure they do, unfortunately how?? Simple isn't, just book a flight to Britain and hang out at the training grounds, chances of getting a picture taken with these millionaires and autographs might be possible. But, think back these millionaires would once a while pay a visit and play some what they called " holiday football" Still remembered the eccentric Fabian Barthez, then the Man Utd 'keeper, came on as an outfield player during their tour game here in 2001? While, some may took that as a fun gesture but large number of fans felt offended as they, having paid those astronomical admission charges to see the Red Devils played a half-hearted game. Inevitably, these "holiday" fixtures months ago drew sharp criticism from the AFC. I having those mentioned thoughts after came back from Toa P

Return of the FALL GUY

The news about the returning of the former national coach Vincent Subramaniam to S-League had been circulated around the football circle.lately. Looks like, he is heading back to SAFFC the coming season, since the incumbent Dane coach Kim Poulsen is heading back to his native land.after the season ends. Heralded as a "hero welcome back" home seems to overshadow.the unforgettable fact about his dismal record as the national team coach. Just wondering who could forget his refusal to include the "Dazzler" V Sundramoorthy (pictured below on the left)in one of the high-profile game, thus sealed the end of Sundram's international career. A picture took with the "Dazzler", himself (who coulld ever forget that "bicycle" kick he struck against the Brunians in 1993)

Hang On...

It seems that not many teams, especially the title contenders, not keen with the idea of playing Albirex Niigata, at this stage of the season. Afterall, it's the fasting month of the Muslim and given the fact that most of the football players are Muslim, thus it will take some times before the players get used to the condition. Second placed SA FFC paid a visit to Jurong East stadium to pit agsinst the pacey Albirex. It looked as if, the White Swans were going to torn the Warriors apart with their pacey game. Anyway, SAFFC managed to come from behind to level the game and th erefore hang on to the title race. Of course, a game with such an intensity is definitely not without its share of boiling points. The atmosphere was fantanstic, thanks to drumming (to certain extend) and the tireless cheering from both sets of fans


For those who visited my website before, all should know that from time to time, I would definitely poke fun at the some members of the local mainstream media, particularly on their coverage on local football. Here we are several thousand miles away from the British Isle, yet our mainstream papers look as they are "part of the British media", shelling out comments, reviews and previews so long the likes of England,Chelski, Liverpools and Man Us are being featured. While at our own backyard here, the current reigning Tiger Cup champions Singapore national team are upgainst the Cambodia national team in Phnom Penh on the 11th Oct. Yet, being called itself the so-called "football paper" (if l'm not wrong), the main aftertnoon daily seems to be more concerned about the performance of the "Three Lions" rather than our very OWN Lions. Extensive coverage and comments on the English chalked up much of the back pages with almost 0% on the local game . While the


I certainly hope you guys aren't shock for what you've seen here. That now "BoLASEPaKO" is a BLOG.(If you access the site via ( ) Actually, I had been trying to change the re-direct URL, unfortunately, the host's website was down for several days that I can only change the thing this morning before going to work. Now, this blog look a bit plain and dull but no worries, l will get this place tidy up before switch back to full throttle

In the news: Paya Lebar Punggol FC

Just as we thought the "on-and-off" episode of Sinchi FC had closed. The news leaked out that the rookie of the year - Paya Lebar Punggol FC, is toying the idea of calling it a day. I can't help but feel sorry for the folks staying in Hougang area, for another denial of chance to see S-League football if the Seahorses decided to pull the plug. Since the start of the league, we seen the teams like Landmark Marine Castle (who pulled out at the eleventh hour, just before the start of the 1997 season, without kicking a ball),Sengkang Marine, Sinchi FC and now Paya Lebar, based in the Hougang stadium. Despite having these mediocre teams playing at Hougang (except for Sinchi FC), some of the matches were well-attended. But on the hindsight, it could well turn out to be a blessing for the league on whole. As the Seahorses' management are quick to admit that they might not have the means to continue, unlike some of those stay out clubs, struggled to put on a brave front.

It's a Sunday (Oh boy, how l hate this particular)..

I came to a conclusion that now BoLASEPaKO is a Blog rather a website and since "Blogger" allow any visitor to post their comments right on the spot after viewing my views, why not?? Used to have "guestbook" on the website, sad to say though the thing hardly function at all and emails to me on the views posted on the site rarely appeared Guess, one of the motives behind the transition is to be more interactive with my follow fans. So feel free to drop in your views and comments you read here.. (P.s: Of course, avoid any irrelevant, sensitive issues as l'll not hold responsible for for the views unless posted by me..)

Some thoughts on Sinchi FC

Just came back from Bishan stadium, after witnessed the showdown between Home Utd and Sinchi FC Some people may thought what a lousy night to spend a Saturday night watching such an unattractive fixture. When l first saw the Chillins conducted their warming up (as shown in the above pictures), thought these guys were having the wrong idea that they were handling a ball instead of kicking one. Anyway, it is almost a fact by now this Chinese-based club will be part of the setup next season (much to the dismay of some fans, of course). However, it casted a bad light for the team's vice chairman Wang Jinhui, who repeated not more than once that this will be the end of the Chilins in Singapore soccer, if they failed to achieve their target. The $700,000 carrot dangled by their sponsors had made the Sinchi 's management changed their mind. The main fault of this team is that, they dont seems to able to assimilate into the Singapore football culture. Initially, the talk of tapping the


The purpose of this blog (trying to acclimatise the word BLOG in my limited vocab), as mentioned earlier is to share the world "my simple view on Singapore soccer" Anyway,"BoLASEPaKO" is not exactly new in the cyberspace. It has its roots traced back to the end of the debut season of the S-League, way back in 1996. As you can see from the picture below (the first edition date 19 Dec 1996 )


Hello, Been wondering if there's this possibility of converting "BoLASEPaKO" from a website to a blog. Afterall, the recent controversies surrounded the blogging community, are still fresh in people's mind. Nonetheless l decided to give it a try. The thing is so long l stay clear from those sensitive issues and keep my focus on my favourite subject, I hope "BoLASEPaKO" will continue to share with all my "simple view on Singapore soccer"