Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Get your butt off and head to Kallang on 6th Nov

For the fact that the "grand old lady" - the National stadium is to be demolished soon to make way for the new sporting hub. I urge the fans to turn out at the National stadium for the one last time for the Singapore Cup final.

The 50,000 capacity arena is the born place of the much-feared "Kallang Roar", that trumatised every visiting team.

1994 was the year l made regular trips to the stadium, joined the rest of the 50,000 fans cheering the likes of Fandi, Abbas and Co.

Other than the "Kallang Wave" that made its debut in the 90's, one of the fun activities was "charge across" the Nicoll Highway (pictured on the left) after every match (some sort of victory celebration.), as the main bridge that linked from the stadium car park to the transit point (the PA HQ) to the nearest MRT station, always packed like sardines, thus many fans left with no other alternative but carried out that dangerous stunt.

Of course, it was a dangerous act that l read once a fan was killed by an on-coming vehicle.

Since then, the police had been deployed to patrol that particular area, though without much success as once l saw a police officer unsuccessfully trying to control the crowds, until the construction of the "circle line" that finally put the "Nicoll Highway chargers" into the history books.

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