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"In an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Zainudin (Nordin, FAS President) reiterated that the S-league will not become a "poorer cousin" once the LionsXII start their Malaysia Cup campaign."

Monday, October 17, 2005


It means - "Sinchi, go back to where you belong to !!!"

After at the receiving end of a strong- worded column by the morning complimentary daily, TODAY. Let us hope this time is for REAL.

As Sinchi changed their mind again about taking part in the competition at the eleventh hour, after the published of the comment by TODAY's sports editor Mr Leonard Thomas.

At least, it saves us the daunting trip to the "Wild, Wild West" (Jurong stadium, pictured on the left) next year and no more those crap football dished by the Chinese-based outfit.

"But I find the criticism very harsh and honestly, I feel that enough is enough. Sinchi is a guest playing in Singapore. Would you always lash out at a guest?"

The above-mentioned statement (in italic) was said by Mr Wang Jinhui, the Sinchi vice-chairman.

Hold on, Mr Wang, you mentioned your team is a "guest", then please kindly explain those actions like assaulting the referee in the game.

Afterall, referees are human being like all of us, tend to make errors from time to time but he's the one who have the final say in the game.

Furthermore, it is appropriate for a "guest" to behave like a group of ruffians when things are not in their favour?

If you people always felt that we, Singaporeans always have grudge against you, the "guest", then I'm glad you have made the right decision to say goodbye.

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