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"Hope To See Sablon's Legacy Carry On ..."

Michel Sablon will leave FAS on 31st December 2018 Honestly, whether Michel Sablon's blueprint devised for the local football will work? Only time will tell and it is too quick to pass any judgment when the seeds were just sown after the land had just cleared for recultivation. While many fans seems to judge the Belgian's performance based on the less glamorous results achieved by various national teams in recent years, let us not forget the job scope of that of the technical director and the coach are two entirely different scopes. One is to formulate and layout the technical aspects of the game development, the other is to coach and achieve results on the field. Sablon gave a presentation on his blueprint Said local football observer Gary Koh: "We can only see in a few years whether Michel Sablon is a slight improvement (as compared to his predecessor Slobodan Pavkovic ) or otherwise. "But definitely never at the level of what he was p

How To Search For Another Imran And Shawal?

I would say to those folks who are upset about the poor showings by the various age-group sides of the national team of late - LET'S FACE THE REALITY. The reality is we are now one of the footballing minnows in the region where we were once part of the dominant force with the constant bragging of being the four-time champions of South East Asia. MINNOWS IN SEA Taking into account the recent string of poor results that saw the defeats by the likes of India , Laos , Chinese Taipei , etc. had shown how things fell apart since Coach Raddy Avramovic gifted us the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2012. Still, the Asean title is something that is not substantial enough to place us on the pedestal, given its status is not exactly as prestigious as the Asian Cup organized by the continent's game governing body - the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Khairul Amri (front) watches as play continued in a league match in 2016 Sadly, the obsession with parochial glory in local football proved

Patient, Passion, Conviction as Sablon rolls out his vision ...

Mr Sablon delivered his presentation  In short, "patient" and "time" are the key prerequisites summed up by FAS Technical Director Michel Sablon in presenting his much-awaiting blueprint to revamp the beleaguered development scheme of Singapore football to the media this afternoon at the Jalan Besar Stadium. Citing these aspects - "Grassroots" , "Elite Youth" and "Coach Education" as the three pillars under the Belgian's vision for the Republic's football development program, the whole idea is to place a systematic structure that build up from the ground level to achieve a "Singapore Style" of football. For a start, kids at the age between six and thirteenth will be placed under the "Grassroots" level where "FUN" element is the main feature for the youngest participants who will learn to play the game under a stress-free environment before progress gradually to learn the finer aspects of

It's not about "fine-tuning" but "clearing the mess" for Sablon

Michel Sablon (picture credit/ source : FAS FB) On the surface, it appeared that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) had scored a major coup when they recruited Belgian Michel Sablon as their new Technical Director. After all, the former Belgium national assistant coach came with a huge reputation for single-handedly revitalizing the game in his native land with his blueprint that elevated them back to be among the top footballing nations that now boasted the likes of Vincent Kompany, Eden Hazard, etc. after the vacuum left behind since the days of Enzo Scifo. DON"T PIN ALL HOPES ON A "BROCHURE" Perhaps, getting Sablon based on his track record is one thing, another reason the folks at Jalan Besar are hoping is to tap on his experience like how he tackled the backwater situation in Belgian football after Euro 2000. However, it would be naive in one opinion to replicate verbatim the "Belgian model" in Singapore, given the differences, as sugg