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Joining The TikToK Bandwagon (FINALLY)

Find me at TikTok as shown I was hesitant to get one because I don't know if I can manage it or not. Because with TikTok  now in the mix, I already have a Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , and a Telegram channel to manage the social media stuff of NEW CONTENT STRATEGY TO OPTIMISE ITS EFFECTIVENESS  Usually, what I do with those already existing sites is I would synchronize most of the postings so that followers of each platform will get to see the same stuff and not miss out on anything due to the algorithm settings. From what I know video seems to be a major part of TikTok, as such it might not be likely for me to synchronise it with other existing sites. Perhaps, a new and separate content creation strategy is needed to optimise to its full effectiveness. But it's a trend I can't afford to miss out on either. To get things started off the ground, I thought the repurposing of the outcomes of the IG Story polls would be a good idea. @bolasepako ONCE A FU


The recent statements by both Eric Chua and Philippe Aw on the current state of local football is a sign which I sincerely hope we are on the right path. Right after Singapore U22's recent Merlion Cup campaign that saw them finish last in the quadrangular, the multi-tasking Coach Aw, who is concurrently the Young Lions head coach in the Singapore Premier League (SPL) and assistant technical director of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), admitted the arduous task ahead as he and his boys are preparing for the upcoming SEA Games. “It is no secret we have been struggling in age-group competitions for some time now as other countries have improved. The SEA Games will not be a simple assignment and we have to be realistic and manage expectations.” said Aw, as quoted by The Straits Times (ST), after the Cubs' 2-1 defeat to their Cambodian counterparts at the Jalan Besar Stadium. NOT TO MAKE INSTANT NOODLES BUT DOUBLE-BOILED TONIC SOUP: CHUA In the meantime, in an extensive