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Just some real "arsehole" at the ground

Pardon me for that unsightly term "arsehole" but this guy, being circled and arrowed, qualified as one such. Just now at the Toa Payoh Stadium for the Singapore Cup Quarter-Final fixture between Balestier Khalsa and Bangkok University. Yes, it was not one of those games you call it a classic but it's not right to blast players and alleged they are in "that thing" either. This "arsehole" here, much to the dismay to those sat around him, kept chanting that slang related to "that thing" for a good 90% of the game. Somehow, verbal abuse has its limited. Just because some guy like him, refused to give a benifit of doubt that is just not the players' day, hence went on and went to disturb the rest from enjoying. What a bloody ARSEHOLE!!!

A good and timely lesson for all

This picture (above) and its caption tell a lot about the current state of Malaysian football, which should served as a timely reminder to all of us. Time to time, we been reminded the legacy of the 70's Selangor's foursome: Soh Chin Aun, R Arumugam, Santokh Singh and the great Mokhtar Dahari. Unfortunately, the task to continue the legacy seems to be a mammoth task following their humiliation at the on-going Asian Cup. In short, we must not rest on our laurels, dwell on the glorious past (what's the point?). Second chance is being given end of this year for the national U-23 to prolong where their seniors left behind.

I am not a marketing man (Part 1)

But when I saw this can of "Whatever?" soft drink, I wonder how a strange sounding name will ever make its presence in the market? Coupled with its intensive advertising on all media, it seems that "Whatever?" and its sister brand "Anything?" had captured everybody's imagination. Branding - a key to its success? Sports branding is something new here in Singapore which I see as an untapped area waiting to fulfill its potential. Having we heard that not long ago a well-known furniture/electronic goods retailer was negotiating with the relevant parties to sponsor a S.League club (since then, heard nothing about, so take it as gone-case). Which is why, back track a bit here, the success of "Whatever?" somehow had shed a few thoughts on how we could learn of this gimmick. The advert of "Anything?" The advert of "Whatever?" It appeared that the trademark owners of the "Anything?" and "Whatever?" had decided

A field of dreams

My journey to this event began with my early dinner - Nasi Briyani Ayam at the eatery, that is stone throw away from Kallang MRT station. As mentioned before, prior the construction of the circle line, fans would "cut their way" through the old Kallang airport building (i.e.: the PA) Crossed the Nicoll highway using this bridge as shown here before reaching the destination. Still missed those "Nicoll Highway charging" stunt. Not quite like the heydays of the 70s where these guys would packed the stands with their pulling power (a snapshot of the match between the Singapore veterans vs their Malaysian counterparts). Fans grabbing any opportunity to snap a few pictures of themselves as a proof that they were there (included yours truly again, many thanks to Mr Henry Chua for taking that "dot-of-me" foto and the fan who helped to take the one with the ground as the backdrop of it.) Having a cup of "Tiger" under the scorching sun..."Ahhhhh...&