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Some thoughts after back from Clementi Stadium

Almost lost my way to Clementi Stadium yesterday, as this is the only FOURTH time I been to this ground (even though, the last time I was here was barely few weeks ago! ). This ground is the temporary home for Home United whose Bishan ground is currently under renovation for the upcoming Youth Games. Don't have any fond memory of this ground as the last time I was here for a competitive game between no-longer-existing Clementi Khalsa and not-sure-coming-back Jurong FC, I saw one of the most boring games in my entire life! Why, it seems that both teams then had forgotten that the main objective of the game is to score goals but instead were most interested to get the ball out of play for throw-in. And the sorry sight was the unappreciative half-time performance by the Clementi cheerleaders.

Sorry for the lack of update lately...

Hi Folks... Sincerely apologized for the lack of update lately, as I just came back from a short getaway, which I'll update on my travelog ( Ko's Travelog ) in weeks to come. While I was out-of-town, I think I missed a few upsets along the way, such as Woodlands defeated SAFFC at Choa Chu Kang (was told there were scuffling among the supporters after the game.) Balestier beat Geylang United (wonder if the target of 60 points set by the Geylang's Chairman Patrick Ang is still achievable?) Young Lions upset Home United at Jalan Besar . Not bad eh? Keep up the good work for causing a few upsets that what's the league need the most. Although, one thing I can't really figure out is why while I was in the foreign land I can't access on the blog and the mail service that tied to it? (anyone has an answer?)

Everybody's favourite rule :OFFSIDE rules explained

To be honest, I'm still confused with this law of the game, which without it the game is NOTHING. Managed to source these two YOUTUBE clips and hope everybody will have a better understanding of this law that would make and break a game. Spoofy version -"a player is NOT offside, if he isn't gonna interference with the play (that) is about to happen." Detailed version

DPMM maintained their unbeaten record at Toa Payoh..

Frankly, this was the first time I saw DPMM played this season. So I don't have any slight idea how good they are, but having maintained the unbeaten record since the start of this season should they stocked up some foundational points in times to come. Anyway, here they were at the Toa Payoh Stadium where they beat cellar-dwellers Balestier Khalsa 1-0, thanks to a solitary strike from ex-Super Reds striker Oh Ddog Yi in the 35th minute. SOME PICTURES FROM THE MATCH DPMM players walked back to the dressing room after their warming-up. This Bruneian fan was getting ready for the game. .. so were the rest of them, was told they are Bruneian expats staying in Singapore. This reporter was feeding back update of the match via skype I think. Jubilant supporters after their heroes maintained their unbeaten record.

ACL Group G: SAFFC 0-2 Suwon Samsung Bluewings

INTRODUCTION If nothing goes wrong with my media accreditation application to this prestigious Asian club tournament, I should be able to go ahead to do something that mark another milestone of this blog - having an instant update of the ACL Group G fixture between our very own SAFFC and last season's South Korean champions - Suwon Samsung Bluewings . Was told the security measures of this tournament will be much more stringent as compared with other tournaments. I see how it goes as I would want to roam around the ground to snap some pictures but I would not want to risk ending up having some skirmishs with those "jaga", who seems to follow blindly with all those rules and regulation (they will be doing job after all...) PREVIEW (not really..) Was told the legendary Cha Bum-Kun, coach of the Bluewings was grilled at the pre-match pressies at the Amara Hotel for the leaving out four key players for this fixture. I guess, sometimes, things must be compromised in tight si

Nostalgia.... of those days...

Suddenly, those old memories just popped back after FAS decided to life the ban imposed on ex Lions' idol, Abbas Saad . I managed to dig out these collector cards produced by "GOAL" magazine (now defunct) during the 1994 Malaysia Cup season. Isn't it sad that these type of collectible can't aroused the interest of sports memorabilia collectors in this region, unlike in the North America. Anyway, here are what I have which I bought them during my ITE days from those vending machines, placed outside those "downstairs shops". How many of you can identify these guys? You spotted Malek, Zakaria etc.? Whenever one of them scored, the whole Kallang ROARS!!! Kadir Yahaya (above) - now in Indonesia with Fandi Ahmad Pelita Jaya Ex- Lions skipper Aide Iskandar in his rookie days. And last but not least... These cards are not available for trade/sale and whatsoever, thanks


Imaginary caption above from me on these DPMM folks . Absolutely "suay loh" (out of luck).... That sums up the situation at Yishun Stadium after the hosts, Super Reds, were cruelly denied all three points when young Aussie striker Bryan Soane scored with a header off a free kick in the dying seconds of the night to level the scores! Put it this way, the Koreans threw everything at the visiting Balestier Khalsa right from the start and it wasn't because Tigers defended well but it just because the killer punch wasn't there. At the meantime, another heart-breaking news from Shanghai saw SAFFC lost 4-1 to Shanghai Shenhua, during which the Warriors did drew level with the Shanghainese at one stage. What a learning experience SAFFC's coach Richard Bok been talking about... Sigh...

Thanks for the screw, Ref....

It was something worth to celebrate for Tampines Rovers for grabbing their first victory of the season, but it was the inept performance of the referee that stolen all the limelight. I am pretty sure a lot of the guys at the ground felt the same way, judging for the roars of disapproval from all corners at the stadium. Unless one is deaf if not I must be the odd man out...sight, what a night that marred the day of the Stags :( Although, I would like to add something on that in times there might be some emotional outburst, please don't take it too personal.. Thank you :)

Have it at 5.. why not?

All Prime League matches would kick-off at 5pm every Saturday, simultaneously. It's not uncommon to see clubs having their pre-season friendlies scheduled at a 5pm kick-off on Saturday or Sunday, so no reason why players can't play at this climate when it's approaching sunset. Having scheduled at this close-to-evening slot, I really don't see why whosoever involved should felt short-changed or whatsoever. By the time the game is over, it's just nice to go for a dinner since it's not even 7pm (not supper as for now)! Fans wouldn't have to rush to catch the late public transport to home from some obscured located venue (like Home United's temporary ground at Clementi Stadium). And not complaints should be heard from some guys in the media for the tight deadline they have to meet, if we have it at 5pm. Last but not least, as much I hated to mention this but it does allow some fans to return home just in time to on their cable sports channels (you know what

So is the Bulls the one I'm looking for??

Inside coach Darren's mind... Probably, they, Gombak United, could be the ONE I'm looking for. The role that fits nicely of that as the pace-setters of the season, especially just witnessed they destroyed Albirex Niigata at the Jalan Besar Stadium and earned them the distinction of being the ONLY team, after three rounds of competition, without conceded a single goal. So do they fit the role I looking for??

Upset again??

Got this SMS update just and the writings are clearly on the wall (or screen rather) that Balestier caused an upset by shared the spoils with one of those " early pace-setters " I mentioned, Tampines Rovers. Seems like same ol' story for the Stags, which saw they took the lead through ex-Kashima Antlers player Seiji Kaneko in the 54th minute before the hosts levelled one-all by one of their imports, Ithamar Rangel. No further comment on the play as I wasn't at the match, so no point for me to say anything more. Although, I would like add that it's rather disappointing for contenders like Tampines and Geylang to start their campaign on a low gear. Here we are having these two eastern giants who stated clear they want to achieve something this year and what better time than NOW could not have they do something about it! Like I mentioned earlier, don't leave everything till the last minute and if you can't pick up those points you felt you entitled to, then