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Everybody's favourite rule :OFFSIDE rules explained

To be honest, I'm still confused with this law of the game, which without it the game is NOTHING.

Managed to source these two YOUTUBE clips and hope everybody will have a better understanding of this law that would make and break a game.

Spoofy version -"a player is NOT offside, if he isn't gonna interference with the play (that) is about to happen."

Detailed version


  1. I have been watching football for the better part of my young life and can still get puzzled by offsides.

    I always explain to my gf in this way : "offside means that a player cannot be the last man facing his opponents' goal when he attack.. if not like that everybody will just stand next to the opposing goalkeeper and wait for goalkick mah."

    Haha it's indeed something very hard to explain.

    Especially to a woman..

  2. true Firdaus..

    Just back from the SAFFC-Albirex game at CCK. Was ponder if linesman is right to flag offside during a throw-in..

    Man, it's getting confused!!

  3. No offside offence for:

    -goal kick (if he receive it directly frm opposing GK)
    -throw in
    -corner kick


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