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Sorry for the lack of update lately...

Hi Folks...

Sincerely apologized for the lack of update lately, as I just came back from a short getaway, which I'll update on my travelog (Ko's Travelog) in weeks to come.

While I was out-of-town, I think I missed a few upsets along the way, such as
  • Woodlands defeated SAFFC at Choa Chu Kang (was told there were scuffling among the supporters after the game.)
  • Balestier beat Geylang United (wonder if the target of 60 points set by the Geylang's Chairman Patrick Ang is still achievable?)
  • Young Lions upset Home United at Jalan Besar .
Not bad eh? Keep up the good work for causing a few upsets that what's the league need the most.

Although, one thing I can't really figure out is why while I was in the foreign land I can't access on the blog and the mail service that tied to it? (anyone has an answer?)


  1. - hey the wdlds-SAF game is shockin i was there. credits to jamil ali and wdlds supporters. jamil kept a good ball possesion & create goal chances. And the wdlds fan is realli fanatic & crazy. They kept cheerin hard despite 2 nil dwn during half time. They oso tease, criticise & shouted at shaiful esah & hafiz during play. Overall, i thk SAF loss due to tiring & hectic schedule.. champs league & wdlds fan rox!!


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