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Upset again??

Got this SMS update just and the writings are clearly on the wall (or screen rather) that Balestier caused an upset by shared the spoils with one of those "early pace-setters" I mentioned, Tampines Rovers.

Seems like same ol' story for the Stags, which saw they took the lead through ex-Kashima Antlers player Seiji Kaneko in the 54th minute before the hosts levelled one-all by one of their imports, Ithamar Rangel.

No further comment on the play as I wasn't at the match, so no point for me to say anything more. Although, I would like add that it's rather disappointing for contenders like Tampines and Geylang to start their campaign on a low gear.

Here we are having these two eastern giants who stated clear they want to achieve something this year and what better time than NOW could not have they do something about it!

Like I mentioned earlier, don't leave everything till the last minute and if you can't pick up those points you felt you entitled to, then you'll only live in regret in the end.

On the hindsight, is this a sign to tell that minnows like Balestier could create more surprises like this result tonight in this new season?

Let's keep our fingers crossed...


  1. So you're also subscribed to the SLeague SMS Alerts Service by Singtel...

    Did you noticed that so far the service had not provided any alerts for games involving Brunei DPMM?

    Have sent SingTel an email on this, still awaiting their reply... You have similar observations?


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