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[Guest Column] - "IF ICELAND CAN, SO CAN WE!"

This article is contributed by Mr Chua Kheng Seng who wrote in to share his ideas on how to make the Singapore Premier League (SPL) a vibrant one after he read the blog post which suggested the implementation of a "play-off" system by this blog recently. Here are some of my suggestions that flash through my mind after I read a blog post by BoLASEPaKO•COM on whether a "Play-Off" system can sustain interest in the Singapore Premier League (SPL)? As the current SPL does not have a promotion-relegation system with the rest of the local league pyramid system (i e.: Singapore Football League, Island Wide League), it may be a major stumbling block to its growth because of the absence of this convention method to determine who to play in a league. No promotion/relegation for SPL since Day One LACK OF EXCITEMENT This may result in a lack of excitement for the fans or motivation for players to perform at a certain stage of the campaign because the same teams and players are