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"Hope To See Sablon's Legacy Carry On ..."

Michel Sablon will leave FAS on 31st December 2018

Honestly, whether Michel Sablon's blueprint devised for the local football will work? Only time will tell and it is too quick to pass any judgment when the seeds were just sown after the land had just cleared for recultivation.

While many fans seems to judge the Belgian's performance based on the less glamorous results achieved by various national teams in recent years, let us not forget the job scope of that of the technical director and the coach are two entirely different scopes.

One is to formulate and layout the technical aspects of the game development, the other is to coach and achieve results on the field.

Sablon gave a presentation on his blueprint

Said local football observer Gary Koh: "We can only see in a few years whether Michel Sablon is a slight improvement (as compared to his predecessor Slobodan Pavkovic) or otherwise.

"But definitely never at the level of what he was perceived to have masterminded in Belgium," added Koh who made his comments following the announcement that the former Belgian assistant national coach will step down from his role as Football Association of Singapore (FAS) technical director at the end of the December on mutual agreement despite his existing contract will only end in March 2019.

This announcement was made at the start of the press conference held at the Jalan Besar Stadium this afternoon before 71-year-old went on to give the floor a presentation of the progress of the blueprint he had developed over the past few years since he joined FAS back in April 2015.

No name was mentioned when asked by the media who will be taking over from Sablon but FAS president Lim Kia Tong revealed local candidates will be considered with the decision to be made before the turn of the year.

FAS president Lim Kia Tong (left) appreciates Sablon's contributions

Lim went on to express his wish to see Sablon's programs be carried on by his successor and believes the structure of it is already in place but stressed that it will need some time before desired results can be achieved.

Summarized his opinions on the works of the outgoing technical director, the 65-year-old lawyer said: "In the first two years, Michel (Sablon) had to understand the local football landscape like the school and NS (National Service) structures before the crystallization of his plan,

"With his expertise, the FAS felt Sablon had accomplished what he was set for and in order to move things on, we felt a new team should take over from him and carry on."

He added:"(However) the Exco are in discussion and strongly consider to invite him back annually for an experience sharing session."



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