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1989 Hillsborough Disaster - In memory of those 96 who lost their lives

"Hillsborough Disaster" clip from Youtube

It's hard to imagine that 20 years had past since that tragic day in Sheffield.

This was probably the first time such a human tragic event unfolded in front of my own eyes, on television.

Soon after Peter Beardsley missed a chance to give Liverpool the lead in this ill-fated FA Cup semi-final match, the TV cameras switched the attention of the millions viewers to Leppings Lane terrace, where the tragedy happened.

This blog entry is dedicated to those who lost their lives on this day, this time 20 years ago...

(P.S: Please kindly exercise your utmost respect to the deceased, should you have anything to comment, thanks....)


  1. It's either "It's hard to picture the image of what happened those years ago", or "It's hard to imagine how many years had passed since.."
    Gone but not forgotten..

  2. Hi JY,

    I'm trying to stress the "20 years" for this instance, any way to fit into it?

  3. Can't think beyond 'Gone but not forgotten' at the moment..

  4. i heard alot abt this tragedy but i still dun understd (aniwae i'm born in 1990) what actualli happen despite watchin dis video. a crowd fight?


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