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Goodby my "HOME" (re-post)

Not long ago my sisiter said, "Thought you said it was LAST TIME already?" when I mentioned that I'm going to the National Stadium for the recent-concluded friendly matches.

Almost two years after a
blog entry and a video tribute.. I was still wonder when the day will come

I guess it was due to the indeceiveness of the SSC that made everyone kept speculating when the "Grand OLD Lady" is going to be bulldozed, thus it was declared that 30th June was confirmed as the "grand finale" of this Kallang arena.

More picture of the National Stadium.

This is the press room (above) where all reporters mingled, crack jokes and of course, meet the deadline.

A view of the playing surface and the running track from the top-tier of the stadium (above).

Here's the "yellow box" of the stadium, where fans gathered to ease and calm their nerves.

It's always having that exciting feeling to walk through one of the many entrances, eagerly anticipate any epic to unfold.

... thanks to the presence of the security personnels, whose presence deterred many flare-up from going overboard (except for that one in 2005).

The National Team warming up prior their game against the Saudi Arabia.

This was where the trophy presentation took place.

Part of the skyline of Singapore as seen from the corridor outside the press room.

This is the VIP Lounge, where the honoured guests gathered and view the match.

.. Of course, having the best view of the house.

This is the lobby of the stadium, where the lift (in the middle of the picture) would bring the guests to the lounge.

The "Sliver" room is where the post-match conference took place.

.. With the media gathered and ready to grill the coaches.

Which is why some coaches dreaded walking along the walkway to the "Sliver" room.

Having this shot of the stadium taken from the "odd-looking" bus stop, which is located across the road.

Few more of my own at the National Stadium.
(many thanks to Ms Tan Kee Yun and Ms Evelyn Tan for taking these pictures)

Due to "safety" reason, I only able to attend a match at Kallang in my late teens, unlike most of my peers.

But I'm glad to have been there for some significant moments.
  • Saw Malek Awab set up the Fandi Ahmad's winner over Kedah, which was crucial to see the Lions clinched the M-League title eventually.
  • Saw the launch of the S.League in 1996
  • The crowning of the first S.League champions - Geylang United
  • Saw Singapore claimed their second Tiger Cup on this very ground
  • Saw Singapore beat Thailand for the first time in 30 years that eventually won them the third Aseam title.
  • And be there for the final game - Singapore vs Australia


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