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Johnny joins the fiesta in June as well

"TODAY"'s report on the upcoming football fiesta

June's Football Feast
It's nice to see number of the Asian Cup finalists are here in Singapore in weeks to come for their preparation of the main event.

This is something rare in a sense that the national team seldom have chances like these to pit against some of the best in the region.

Personally, I would love to see the Lions play against some of these teams on a more frequent basis (if possible), rather having (with no disrespect) against the likes of Sri Lanka or Maldives in recent years.

I guess it's more on planning ahead, if not why we always hear club managers in Europe reluctant to release their players for those "meaningless friendlies"?

"Welcome Johnny"
Together with the upcoming fiesta is probably the much-anticipated debut of new Lion John Wilkinson of SAFFC.

Most of today's papers which I had scanned through had carried the news of the inclusion of England-born "Wilko".

Even the "Lianhe Wanbao" (pictured above), which rarely covered the S.League intensively, had a quite a sizable portion with glaring headlines making the annoucement.

Boy.. hope Johnny boy can cope well with all the spotlights that shone ob him.


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  2. This is great info to know.


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