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DOUBLE ONE - Anuual Review 2007

I ran out of ideas when I wrote this annual review. A recap of some significant events in local football that occurred during these past months. We retained the Asean title (formerly the Tiger Cup) The 2007 S.League title race was a keenly-fought affair, with SAFFC emerging as the victors ahead of Home United and Tampines Rovers. Our clubs failed to progress beyond the quarter-finals of AFC Cup (again...) SEA Games - yes, we did achieve what AP HO asked for - medal of any colour, don't we? Just a pity we faced the Thais in the semis… You may want to ask what am I gonna touch on in this year's review? Read on... YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (FOLLOW UP TO THAVA'S PLEAD) Prelude: Balestier Khalsa's vice-chairman Mr S Thavaneson, prior to this season, lamented the dearth of attention on the clubs' youth development program. Just wondering if one day we might want to have a complete overhaul of the existing youth development program we have? The reason(s)? Free the clubs from strai

Instant Reaction : Reality Bites!!

I'm not sure things would have been different if we are in the final of the SEA Games.. only found out that Channel 5 was delay telecasted the match that I managed to source that Vietnamese TV was showing the game live!! But sad to say though, the VTC, must be pissed with the fact that their much-touted side was thrashed by us , that halfway to the second half they decided to switch to volleyball instead!! So much so that I had to rely on the for the update, after another alternate source was unavailable (Thank you guys).

What I saw in Thailand

Was in Chiangmai days ago for a short getaway and did managed to catch the action of the semi-final clash between us and Thailand (second half though). AT THE ROADSIDE, NEAR MY HOTEL It was such an tense encounter, I was catching the action while my friend was busy bargaining... INSIDE THE HOTEL ROOM Got my friend to snap my reaction after the end of the match... Alas, Tough Luck Boys IT WAS THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE DAY That "Bangkok Post" had it as the TOP STORY Looks like the SEA Games gold remains an elusive dream for us... If any Singapore player has any regret, it will be the inability to have the gold medal hang around their neck before they hit 24.

Instant Reaction: Longest 5 minutes...

The final score : 1-1 Yes, that was the longest FIVE minutes in my life... The elusive dream is still within the reach as the strong determination saw the CUBS (even Mark Richmond got it wrong by calling them - Young Lions!!) through to the final-four to the SEA Games football tournament. Keep the spirit up!! CUBS... (P.S: will not be able to catch the showdown at home but hope over in Chiangmai instead..hehehehe) The ref finally blew the whistle-What a relief! Agu (no.21) redeemed himself by scoring the equalizer, joined in the merry making!! Dejected Malaysian custodian - speechless!!

Book Review: "Forza Italia"

I'm not sure should I start a new label that entitled "Book Review", having read one book on Japanese football weeks ago, I happened to come across another excellent book - FORZA ITALIA at Bishan Library , not that long ago. I picked up this book from the "dump box" where readers decided to "back out" their choice(s), I'm pretty sure they regretted for not reading this book by freelance journalist Paddy Agnew. Written by Irishman Agnew, whom with his family been living in Italy for the past 20 odd years. In this book, Agnew detailed the rise and fall of Diego Maradona while playing for Napoli, how AC Milan was served as a launchpad that kicked start the political career of its owner Silvio Berlusconi . Other topics covered in this book included: The infamous Juventus doping scandal in late 90s Why dictator Mussolini was credited as the "founder" of Serie A The "fan power" that wrecked the game in Italy and etc... Since the sea