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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Posting of the Year 2008

Anyway, as you all have just noticed ..

YES.. after 11 years of existence, this humble platform of my finally got a "DOTCOM" at its rear.

To mark the occasion here's the new titlebar of the blog...

Never thought it was so easy, just a click of a few buttons and BINGO (at a cost, of course..) and I only decided somewhere around 9pm to get it done.

It's not always the case for me to make any New Year plans. Because once you had these written down, you got to fulfill it.

Nope, don't get me wrong... It just that the invisible pressure that might come along to urge you to meet your deadline, whereas I am someone who would rather take thing at its natural course.

Anyway these plans are meant for this blog.

  • First all of all, the fonts - from this year onwards, I will stick to the default font and colours assigned by (freaked out by those mysterious out-of-alignment issues, which I still can't figure out what caused them)

  • The images, photos or created, will have one of these little (here being magnified for the sake of you guys) markings on the right bottom of it (depend on the background colour). The idea is just to ensure where they are sourced from

  • Hope to upload some interesting video clips, thru' "youtube" or Blogger video (though, not in those HD quality).
  • Hope to tap into lower-tier of Singapore football (i.e.: NFLs, schools and futsal as well), who are awfully denied of any media coverage. (anyone, whosoever, have any info, please do drop me a mail)
  • Would love to see, hear more comments, feedback, suggestions from you guys (as I strongly believe in two-way communication), on whatsoever aspect of this blog.

Happy blogging ahead, Peace to all human mankind, Stop all the conflicts, have a chat over it, instead and Selamat Tahun Baru (Happy New Year)...

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