Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"That thing" again loh....

Recently, someone asked about what I mean by "that thing".

If you guys (see below) read today's copy of "联合早报"(Lianhe Zaobao), "TODAY", "my paper 我报" (not sure if "The Straits Times" or "TNP" carried that news), you all should know what is "that thing" I referring to (as I promised myself not to mention "that thing" on cyberspace anymore).
While the public have the every right to know anything regarding "that thing", however with the opening of the new season less than two months away and the national team about to embark their World Cup qualifiers, it is indeed a smack on the face.

All efforts to build on the recent success of national team to attract fans back to the grounds hit a snag, following the breaking of the news.

No doubt, questions will be asked again if any part of "that thing" really happened during the past months.

If proven guilty… it’s really KNN (for those of you who know Hokkien, sure you know what it means)…
"联合早报" Lianhe Zaobao (frontpage headline) - from which I came to know the news

"TODAY" (Page 2)
The revamped "我报mypaper" (brief run-through)

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