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Drug ABUSE...

A spur of moment had me decided to pen this entry, after reading the conviction of disgraced Marion Jones for drug usage and other criminal charges.

While, here in Singapore and particular this region on whole, we seems to emphasis more effort to tackle "that thing". The question here is - Are we putting in as much effort on curbing illegal drug usage, if any?

No, no, no... I'm not implying that there's such practice is rampant in local football but the point is we ought to be alert as well in this drug abuse issue.

Thank Goodness, we never had such a major embarrassment (on drug abuse) since the inception of professional football except those due to carelessness and "timely discover of it."

One such carelessness case involved a player's (as he's still an active player, I would not reveal who he is) over dosage of an herbal concoction without knowing its dreaded consequence.

And the meantime, a European player was denied from playing here after the timely revelation of his past drug usage history.

Therefore, I will like to stress the same level of importance in dealing illegal drug usage as well as dealing "that thing".

Are our players here being educated on this issue and the consequences of doing so?

Having seen some high profiled cases surfaced in the States and Europe, we can't let our guards down on this scourge that crippled sports like athletic, cycling, baseball and etc.

Especially, the fact that a professional athlete's career lifespan is short and some crooks might decided to take this short-cut to cheat, prolong and enhance their livelihood.

I certainly hope so...


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