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Match Day Ritual (Bedok)

It must be a struggle whenever I wanna mentioned something what you can do prior the match, within the stadium vicinity.

You see, the problem arises from the collective town planning in the early days that the authority had "cloned" the "town center" similar to one another.

In this entry, I went to catch Geylang played against Police SA yesterday, and at meantime take a look what Bedok have to offer (nothing much as far as I concerned...Sorry to you, Bedok residents :P).

Click on the "Google Map" for a bigger picture


the bus interchange , well-connected around the island..

..or the MRT (fairly accessible though)

..or you want to opt for this "premium" service - TAXI


The hawker center, which is located beside the bus interchange, is always packed with people eager to fill up their stomach. If time allow.. give a try to sample the "Mee Rebus" by this stall named "Inspirasi".

Like any heartlanders' town centre, there are plenty of retail and eating outlets, located and arranged in more or less similar fashion you can find in any other new town.

Geylang United Football Club clubhouse - I think not many (football) clubs in Singapore have such a luxury of having a premises like this (located at the end of the town centre.).


If you are that hungry just right before the start of the game and stadium cuisine are not your forte.. fret not, right across the road there's a coffeeshop - "Mukmin".

See how near it is near to the stadium.

Though, the only problem is there's hardly any "makan" available as the coffeeshop is catered for day crowds.

Nonetheless, here was my bite before I headed to the ground - "Mee Soto"


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