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"It should have been 5 or 6..."

That was what my colleague SMSed while the game was going on.

Who could blame him for saying that, when thousands more were watching at the comfort of their couch saw the Lions, who could massacre the under-strength Lebanese side?

But coach Raddy was pleased with the performance, despite the lack of through preparation with the S.League already in full swing.

Uzbekistan will be team to beat, with their 3-0 win against the Saudis.

"They (Uzbeks) are not your typical Asian team, as they played a more European style of football" said coach Raddy at the post-match conference.

Nonetheless, with two months to go before the Lions square off against the Saudi, the biggest concern for the national team is to avoid any unnecessary injury.

Well done, boys (but don't forget to polish your boots next time.. : p)

(P.S: Of course, plenty of angry voices outhere that we weren't scoring enough goals.)


  1. Chinese saying

    Finding a bone in an egg

  2. Duric scores again, good on him. Do you think you're any chance of stealing second spot Pohui?

    And what do you think about some Australian fans conspiracy theory that Australia gets a rough run from Asian referees because they misinterpret their more physical style of play?

  3. Duric scores again, good on him. Do you think you're any chance of stealing second spot Pohui?
    we hope we can make it.. though the tough one will be against the Uzbeks..but Duric was a bit out of sort against the Lebanese..

    As for your comment, I cant comment till I have a look at they playing another game officiate by an Asian ref.. Cheers mate :)

  4. I've just seen the highlights on youtube... not bad. Should have been 5 or 6. That Duric miss from 6 yards out... what's woth the singing of the anthem?

  5. not just duric, faraw nawaz miss it too, and ishak seem to be too excited when when the ball came to him and mis kick it. It was an open goal if not worng. (sorry, dunno how to spell their name)


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