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Match Day Ritual (Jalan Besar)

This is the "replacement" version of the same named article which I deleted by mistake.

It's about the short write-up on what to expect around Jalan Besar Stadium on a matchday, when you still have some time to spare before the start of the game.

Some of the Pictures took
Sungei Road aka Thieves' Market, when bargain hunters gathered to hunt for some hidden treasures in the pile.

As you can, Jalan Besar is the hardware emporium of this island, thus you will find any fancy shopping centers within the walking distance (unless, you don't mind Sungei Road)

This sign put up by the National Heritage Board provided a detailed write-up of the history of the game's headquarters in Singapore.

..Although, sometime you wonder if there's all that necessary to have a swimming pool just beside a stadium like everywhere in Singapore?


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