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Cup game is so different....

There's always a tendency that Cup game is a much intensive affair as compared to league games.

No, no... don't get me wrong but it just that because of the "knock out" factor that Cup games offered, that we tend to see more passionate pace and aggressive games in Singapore Cup than in the league fixture (where promote/relegation is a long wait to go) I guess.

(Picture above: Woodlands coach Jorg Steinnebrunner spoke to the media after the fiery Singapore Cup semi-final (first-leg) fixture against SAFFC.)

Of course, luck do play a part too in such games as in many cases (but not all), we can't help but felt sorry for the guys who played well but just couldn't make it to the next stage of the competition.

(Picture above: Dejected Bangkok University players in their post-match warming down session, they fared well against the defending Cup holders Tampines Rovers in the second-leg of the semi-final but was knocked out the tournament.)


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