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Videocast: A "Closed Door" Event??

Was only aware of this AFC U16 qualifiers when a guy drop me a comment on one of the blog entries to enquire TV schedule of it.. (Thanks Barry :D)

Was aware that today is the last day of the qualifiers, I decided to head down to Jalan Besar for a double-header.

  • 5pm - East Timor vs Australia
  • 7pm - DPRK vs Malaysia

Much to my astonish.. the Timorese squad did not turn up for the qualifiers at all, so the 5pm game was scrapped!! (@#*&!!...)

Anyway, hang around Jalan Besar area to kill my time before went back to the ground.

Match pictures...

(Above) Both teams having their warming up prior the start of the game, I would say the Koreans were more well-organized in their work outs.

(Above) as the match went on.. it's not hard to tell which is the better of the two, as the Koreans were well-drilled in all aspects with the striped army struggled to keep pace..

(Above) Wondering how these guys got hold of the news that the game was scheduled on a lazy Sunday.. anyway, free admission.. who cares??

(Above) the Koreans saluted to their supporters.....

(Above) While the Koreans' supporters acknowledged in return...

The Videocast of the match...

Sorry the poorly-done video.. at least, someone bother to do.. enjoy.. especially the 3rd goal scored (Boy, was I lucky to have with it on clip??)


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