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That's the ONLY word that came to my mind when I recounted the whole event that lead up to the World Cup Qualifier fixture on the 28th October 2007.

Much to dismay of some fans who felt being taken for a ride after it was made known that the National Stadium will be re-opened for this fixture, when it was already declared "CLOSED" on the 30th June 2007.

Nevertheless, the no-show by the Palestinians today, somehow or rather added a bit of that mysterious flavour onto the whole event.

Founded out from the Palestinians' FA website that the players and officials having some problems clearing the security procedure at the "Gate" (Don't get the wrong idea.. I don't read Arabic but using Google translator, somehow it did provided some sketchy translation into English.)

Anyway, before any changes that come along , Harry Kewell (pictured above ) is still be remembered as the last person to score a goal at Kallang (if he bothers..).


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