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We did it - Thailand 0-1 Singapore [edited]

And we did it... from the "set-pieces", nice combination of Shaiful and Duric...

Just watched the delay telecast of the game on TV.

It was indeed a much better performance by the boys, as the commentator had pointed out correctly at the end of the game that Singapore had a game plan and got it well-executed by frustrated the Thais.

Nice to see Khairul Amri put up a credible performance after such a long while, and credit must also goes to the whole team for putting behind the last Saturday's defeat to come back with such a convincing victory at the intimidating Rajamangala Stadium.

Lastly, I would like to say "No point pin-pointing here and there, just get the job done swiftly!!" (after lurking at some posting on this thread of this popular forum...)


  1. Intimidating ground not for the faint-hearted. Even a half full Rajamangala can give some creeps into the Lions.

  2. HT currently. Lions 1 nil up through a Duric header off Shaiful's corner. really hope they can hang on to it

    caught the game 18mins in. generally Lions playing to their ability finally. far cry from their performance on Sat.

    Passing is more decent today. doing well. Thais haven created much. hope Lions midfield can hold, btw, farra injured, sub by Noh Rahman in 1H

  3. Hariss lucky not to have been sent off. Defence held on well. Could have got a 2nd goal from Khairul.

    Yes there are a couple of players who probably are on the line, but trust Raddy to get rid of them when the time comes.

    Noh gave a stellar performance in midfield. Team mostly did well. though there were a few scares.

    I told many people that the Lions can play football. They probably forgot how we dominated against Vietnam in last year's Suzuki Cup but lost unluckily.

    Last Saturday was merely that they didnt turn up.

    I admit the Lions are not very good, but they are not as lousy as what critics write them as.

    Now for Iran on 6 Jan 2010. Think its scheduled for Bishan. Surely we can packed that stadium?

  4. Hi Hugo,

    Thanks for the update and we must not get too carried away.. it's just a lifeline thrown to us, but for now let's celebrate!!

    And thanks to the folks who updated me while I was slogging .. thank you guys :)

  5. Yup agree. I actually correctly predicted Shaiful's forte would be crucial last night in my blog. Haha. Absolutely delighted when i saw the ball when in. It was just great that the boys proved a point.

    But the Thais got the easier games ahead so we must still get more points. Think we can target 1 point for Iran's game.

  6. I don't consider myself one of those whiners who incessantly gloat on the Lions' despondent performance on Saturday but I did not mince my words in my blog when I singled out shoddy display by individual players.

    Last night, the Lions managed to successfully shut the gap of myself and thousand of others with a rare win in Bangkok.

    The performance improved starkly as stressed which made one ponder if they really felt more comfortable playing in hostile away condition, not that the home crowd did much to get behind them on Saturday sadly.

    The players I had scathing remarks on performed admirably and no one can say they did not play with their hearts on their sleeves.

    Passing was crisp and intentful while the running of the front two, Khairul and Aleks were done nicely despite being caught offside on more than one occasion.
    The fact that we had two glit edged chances in the second half meant that the win was not a fluke.

    Saiful Esah played with more composure last evening and good to see the likes of him and Hariss Harun who likely to be featured in the SEA games in Laos doing well.

    Of course we cannot discount on the fact that the match could swing the other way if the Thais were more clinical but the final result does not lie.

    We have a long shot for the Asian Cup slot and let's hope the boys built from this result.

    - wreckidigidy
    Fish out of Water


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