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[Asian Cup Group E Qualifier] SINGAPORE 1-3 THAILAND

The first thing you noticed at the ground was the heavy security at the stadium.

Given the stakes were high and big crowds were expected that the organizers had decided to segregate both groups of fans from one and other.

And like most games played in Kallang in the recent years, it would always be the away fans who drummed up the atmosphere (Why are we the passive lot??).

Saw this fan dressed up for occasion..hope he had a good business selling those flags.

Things got off the worst possible start for the Lions after Noh Alam Shah was judged to handle the ball and Sutee Suksomkit made no error from spot against his old mate Hassan Sunny who dived the wrong way in the 12th minute (interesting fact: all three were playing for Tampines together months ago).

Before the KICK-OFF...

It was not going according to the Lions' planning as they struggled to make their presence felt as the Thais seems perfectly alright on a surface we thought would be their Achilles' heel.

While many folks out there suggested the midfield was the area where we lost the game and I tend to agree with that (see how Datsakorn pulling the strings there?).

22,183 turned out for the game

Could it be the case that we left it too late in the game that while we did made a few attempts to come back in the second half, it was not good enough as two defensive lapse in space of six minutes gave the maximum points to the yellow outfits.

The irony part was the scorers of those goals were guys the Lions are so familiar with as an unmarked Therdsak Chaiman made his return to international football with a sweet volley (75th minute) off a Nutnum Suchao's cross from left, while Sutee made no mistake on his one-on-one against a stranded Hassan in the 81st minute.


"What we worked on the training and they did that very well that gave them the platform to create chances which we did in first half." said Thailand's coach Bryan Robson (pictured above) in the post-match press conference.

"Apart from the penalty (in the 12th minute), we created two or three very good chances where we might have scored and so that was very pleasing." added the former Middlesborough manager.

Sizable media presence in the "Gold" room.

"Second Half, I thought we got a bit stretched as compared to the first half, which was a very good performance and we were little bit fortunately on couple of occasions when the balls bounced kindly for us, otherwise Singapore might have get back to (the) game.

"And on the counter-attack, we thought we deserved the second goal and it was a great move and good finish by Therdsak (Chaiman) to put us two-nil in front."

"What disappointed me is after we scored the third goal, we lost concentration and I felt that's the one weakness we have after playing well and lost it." said Coach Robson.

"That was not the team I practicing with, not the team that played (well) in the last few games for Singapre and what we practiced in the training were not recognizable there." said a visibly disappointed Coach Raddy (above) as he gave his assessment of the night.

"And in the first place, the intention was to hit the ball and run, we created at least 300% chance in the second half that we should scored and the critical thing in this match is we did not score in the chances (we created)." lamented the Serbian coach as he continued.

"I felt the referee was too harsh to give away the (12th minute) penalty, because there were three similar situations for us where the Thai players handled the ball in the penalty box and the referee failed to give those penalties." said coach Raddy.

Coach Raddy also felt the team had been losing posession in midfield, while found it difficult to break the Thai down and thought maybe some "individual effort would paid off" that caused them those missed chances.

Got this text message straight after the game from a friend of me, who requested me to make his feeling known on this blog. I was a bit hesitant about putting this, but each individual is entitled to his/her opinion and I don't have any comment on this above message...

The Thai supporters made their presence felt with their more lively and spontaneous cheering.


  1. I thought I want to add this...

    Just now I was on my way to catch a train, a stranger noticed my red top, stopped and enquired the score, play of the game.

    It was a nice exchanges of opinion as he said he can't make it to the game due to some other pre-arranged commitments.

    At least, it wasn't those twit who kept harping on the past.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to enquire his name.. but nice of you to find out from me the game.

    It's my pleasure

  2. Some of my friends ditch local football and embrace the epl. I reminded them to tune in and give our lions a chance.

    We did not only lost a game. We lost a chance to restore national faith in the only football team that we can call our own.

    For me, it was an entertaining game that could have gone both ways if we can bring it to 1-1. Brave performances from Sunny, mustafic and benett. I thought we missed shi jia yi and jantan would be much better at left-back against the pacy thais.

    I believe in Raddy and it would be game on in bangkok. Go Lions!

  3. It was a disappointing performance so the Thai deserves to win

    As least, the chance to redeem is next Wednesday and 1 good thing is NAS is nt going to be there

    Yes, NAS may be the among best local striker but his mind is his weak pt as he is just too emotional & easily distracted as shown by 07 S'pore Cup Final.

    He claimed he played poorly as he lost focus after getting a yellow & giving away a PK.

    That the diff btwn good player & great player.

    Roy Keane knew he was going to out of European Cup Final in 99 but gave the best performance ever to help his team.

    NAS gave away a PK & out of crucial ACQ & he lost his focus totally & he nearly gt himself send off before Raddy pull him out to save, nt him, the team

    NAS need to understand he is useless to a team if he keep getting into needless battle with the opposition thus earning a red or a yellow

    There still time to rescue him or the next Ahmad Latiff is coming as no matter hw talented a player is, the team must come first

  4. U call yourself a bunch of pros who cannot even string together a decent pass? Most of u if not all lack confident with the ball, just aimless and useless pumping of high balls into no man's land hoping for the best.
    Come on man,its no excuse when u can eat,sleep and dream football everyday.Basic football skills and brains are taught when young and not wait till when u r into the prime of your career that the coach has to teach u how to run into open space and to kick a ball.Look at the Thais movement of the ball and how the ball works for them effortlessly.
    Have u asked yourself why Thailand can hold Iran 0-0 and Liverpool 1-1 which is exactly the same teams u played but received a thrashing 6-0 and 5-0 respectively instead?

  5. Like to comment on Shaiful Esah: This match just further showed how similar he is like to Carlos. Fine at attacking, but woeful in defending.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when he seemed to be tracking Therdsak, but then lost him and allowing him to be free to volley into the goal. Where is the man-marking?? The moment the cross came in from the left, I knew something bad was going to happen...

  6. Singapore soccer is a shame. Can u seriously say we are good? Come on we have foreigners in our team? Duric. Bennet. Wilkinson. Jiaye. Agu. Precious. Qui Li. Itimi. And we still lose to team without any foreigners. I still remember Japan having Roy Ramos and they improved but our crop of foreign talent if u want to say they have the talent are doing nothing. Improve? What? Nothing. Revamp the whole thing maybe just take Singaporeans who actually have the heart to play soccer not just money n stardom seekers. The difference between the s league n other league is the foreign players there are actually good in their own country so people scout n buy them but in the s league we buy those " longkang" players who are rejected in their own country.

  7. I am always questioning the fitness or maybe mental strength of our Singapore Players.

    I have stopped watching Singapore team bec. I personally think that fitness and speed really lacks in this team.

    How to make it ... like that...

  8. Singapore Team = UN Team and Thailand is Superbbb.

  9. ไทยแลนด์สุดยอดดดดดดดดดดดด

  10. Thanks for the report and some great pics.

    Singapore still have 3 matches left. Just have a little faith

  11. Thai national football team No. 1 in ASEAN

  12. lol but can anyone give me a live score update on 2nd leg singapore vs thailand score???

  13. what is score of 2nd leg match?

  14. thailand and singapore are both very good as they are led by very experienced coaches

  15. i do agree that baihakki is not as a gd a center back....he needs to improve his reading of e game and positioning to make up for his lack of pace


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