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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The move is necessary...

Few hours ago, I posted a message on "twitter", my FACEBOOK wall and the blog's FB wall that read

"Major announcement to be made pertaining some restructuring of "" setup, stay tuned"

It's not this blog is searching for a new writer as suggested by a friend, nor it was closing down or being bought over by someone (wish it was the case though).

Rather, it is more of some changes that are going to be implemented which I think are deemed necessary to ensure this blog to be more accessible to more visitors.

As on this day-4th May 2011 (Singapore time), the blog FACEBOOK GROUP (hereby call the "GROUP") will cease and migrate its entire operating to a FACEBOOK PAGE ("PAGE") format (pictured below).

The main reason for such migration to be taken place is after exhausted its mean to remedy the problem that denied some users (included yours truly) to access the GROUP via their mobile gadget (ie: iPhone) following frequent software upgrading taken place in the relevant FACEBOOK application.

Following much consideration, I decided to set up the PAGE from scratch to ensure the continuity of the operating of that used to function in the GROUP.

To ensure the seamless migration to the PAGE, you may wish to click on the "LIKE" button of the PAGE's widget located on the right-sided menu of the blog OR you may access the PAGE directly at HERE to click the "LIKE" button

As mentioned, the reason for such move is to allow visitors and existing members alike to access the PAGE via their mobile device to allow them to post their thoughts and comments while on the move.

As such I "print-screen" the following screen-grabs (based on iPhone settings) which I hope would help users during this transitional period.

First, type the word "" in the search box and the PAGE should appear (as pictured above). Following that click on that PAGE and you should be diverted to the screen-grab pictured below.

Next, click on the "arrow icon" placed on the top right corner of the screen and you should see what was depicted above "Add Favorite" (pointed by yellow arrow) and upon click onto it, the icon of BOCAP will appear on your FACEBOOK app face.

The purpose of the GROUP and now the PAGE, is to serve as discussion forum for like-minded Singapore football lovers to interact their opinions on anything pertaining local football and it has been an important source for the blogging material, as well as the gauge of ground sentiments towards the developing of the game in Singapore.

Such that this kind of self-renewal is deemed necessary to avoid the stagnancy in the progression of this blog.

I'm sincerely apologize if any inconvenience was caused during the transition period and plead for everyone's kind understanding that such move is essential.


Thank you for your support all these year and looking forward to strengthening this bond.

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