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This is NOT the way to win Elections

With the ongoing election campaigning, it's inevitable to see some fault findings taking place between contesting parties

But as far as i concern, football and politics should never mixed (even though, we have had several political office holders helm the top post of local game governing body).

Which it why when I saw the tweet (pictured above) that quoted a candidate's remark that I thought it was something uncalled for.

With much due respect to the quoted candidate, I regret the fact that the aborted "GOAL 2010" blueprint that projected to see Singapore in last year's World Cup was used as a "easy target board" to question certain government policies.

I'm not sure how and what had the quoted candidate contributed throughout the cause of the aborted project, but merely making use of football for political gains is something uncalled for.

Stop ballyhooing for votes using the game and leave football alone, thank you.


  1. Nvr trust the opposition as they promised too much (I am talking abt wht they intend to do w/ sports)

    It is too much like that man nw at FAS.

    Always rmb MM Lee once say he does nt trust people who promise too much as it is impossible to please everybdy.

  2. It is election campaigning my friend. The idea is to convince the voters that the other party is lousy and you are good. What's wrong with that? Or is it because it touches a topic that you are closely related to such that it hurts you? I mean if your mind is already fixed on one party is good, then perhaps nothing the other party do will please you!

    If the above comment is deem bad, what about the guy who refer his opponent as having gay agenda, or that lady who accuses her opponent who mess up his Town Council account?


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