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[Instant Reaction] The announcement of the National Provisional Squad [EDITED]

(Many thanks to a friend who Whatsapp the attached images that depicted the national provisional squad.)

The much awaited national provisional squad list was made know just a hour ago at the Jalan Besar Stadium (as pictured below).

(Pictured above) The "senior" 23 players of the provisional squad.

(Pictured above) These 10 players are classified as "NS" group which coach Raddy can select them, but subject to NS rulings.

As what I told a friend days ago that I hope that disappointment years ago when the "dazzler" V Sundramoorthy was not selected by the then national coach Vincent Subramaniam, despite the call of him to do so would not resurface this time round.

But much to the disappointment it was sad to note that Tampines Rovers ace Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin (pictured above) did not make the cut despite his stellar performance in the recent years after last featured in the red jersey in 2005.

Plenty of surprises that came along the way when Tanjong Pagar United's Delwinder Singh and Balestier Khalsa's Andrew Tan with Gombak's Ismail Yunos (who recently back in action after a lengthy injury) were being selected for squad.

(Pictured above ) Bai (second from right) and Ridhuan (extreme right) are axed from squad.

Probably the biggest surprises (if you see that way too) are the axing of notable players like those guys based in Indonesia like Baihakki Khaizan, Noh Alam Shah, Ridhuan Muhamad, Agu Casmir and Precious Emuejeraye.

In case, some of you can't have a clear view of the list of 33, here's the list from the FAS media release.

S/N Name Born Club Caps Position
1 Lionel Lewis 84 Home United 68 GK
2 Juma'at Jantan 84 Home United 18 D
3 Shi Jia Yi 83 Home United 48 M
4 Qiu Li 81 Home United 5 F
5 Hassan A Sunny 84 Tampines 32 GK
6 Shahdan Sulaiman 88 Tampines 3 F
7 M Shaiful B E Nain 86 SAFFC 9 D
8 Fazrul Nawaz 85 SAFFC 43 F
9 Ismail B Yunos 86 Gombak 13 D
10 Hariss Harun 90 Courts Young Lions 16 M
11 M Khairul Amri B M Kamal 85 Persiba Balikpapan 65 F
12 M Safuwan B Baharudin 91 Courts Young Lions 4 D
13 Mustafic Fahrudin 81 Persela Lamongan 54 M
14 Daniel Bennett 79 SAFFC 96 D
15 Aleksandar Duric 70 Tampines 32 F
16 M Isa B A Halim 86 Home United 32 M
17 M Irwan Shah B Arismail 88 Courts Young Lions 4 D
18 M Raihan B A Rahman 91 Courts Young Lions 1 M
19 M Faris B Ramli 92 Courts Young Lions - M
20 M Shakir B Hamzah 92 Courts Young Lions - D
21 M Zulfahmi B M Arifin 91 Courts Young Lions - M
22 M Afiq B Yunos 90 Courts Young Lions 2 D
23 M Izwan B Mahbud 90 Courts Young Lions - GK
24 Delwinder Singh 92 Tanjong Pagar United - D
25 Shukor Bin Zailan 85 Tampines 2 M
26 M Ruzaini Bin Zainal 88 SAFFC 2 M
27 M Sufian Bin Anwar 87 Home United 1 F
28 Tan Wee Tat, Andrew 87 Balestier Khalsa - M
29 M. Nazrul Nazari 91 Courts Young Lions - M
30 M. Sharil B Ishak 84 Medan Chiefs 82 M
31 Hamqaamal Shah 86 Gombak 2 D
32 M. Khairul Nizam 91 Courts Young Lions 2 F
33 M Fazly Bin Ayob 91 Courts Young Lions 1 M

Match Details
7 June 2011 – International Friendly
Singapore vs Maldives

29 June 2011 – International Friendly (A)
Indonesia vs Singapore

03 July 2011 – International Friendly
Singapore vs Indonesia

23 July 2011 – 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier (H)
Singapore vs Malaysia/Chinese-Taipei

28 July 2011 – 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier (A)
Malaysia/Chinese-Taipei vs Singapore

(Information of the above-mentioned matches were extracted from the FAS media release)

Welcome (Back) to the Geylang Field Training Base.


  1. I question Aleksandar Duric's name in the list. While he's great in the S-League, he's only performed sporadically for the national team, and mostly in friendlies. And I don't see any evidence of his team presence being able to spur younger strikers to come good.

  2. Hi "Alfee",

    Only coach Raddy knows who he need in this rebuilding process, even there are some quibbles here and there over his selection, which I quoted below from this blog's FB page.

    "Khairul Nizam was a revelation last season...still it makes no sense that a player who has not featured this season gets the call-up."

    "the same names are back again plus a few token new ones who are going to get dropped anyway. so much for the mass culling he talked about last year."

    7 out of the 33 are the uncapped players in this list, which someone did mentioned it would be too a harsh of decision if we do what Mayor Zai suggested earlier.

  3. Only in Singapore will they sack the entire playing team but not the coach, LOL. In Raddy we trust!


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