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665 on that day and thank you so much :)

Thank you very much - that's all I want to say, "Thank you very much".

20th May 2009 shall be remembered as another milestone day for this OMO blog as it registered its biggest number of visits to this site since its launch in December 1996.

665 may be insignificant as compared to top sites like "soccernet" or any established brand but to me it's unimaginable when normally I would be glad if the daily figure is around or close to 100.

I promise that I'll try my very best to further improve this blog, please feel free to email me or left a comment on the entries posted to share your views with me.

Thank you for your support all along :)


  1. Congrats & Keep it up!!

    I might be one of the 665 on that day, :-p

  2. Good Jo Pohui. Now lets target higher, 1k visitors for one day. Go go go :)

  3. Hi Guys..

    Thanks for the support :) it spurs me on for improvement..


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