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Behind the scene ....

My pal Antony Sutton might not fancy another shot to climb up to this scaffold structure..hehe

I always want to take a closer look at those equipments used in every "Friday Night Football" and when the game was shifted to Bedok Stadium for the Cup fixture between Geylang United and SAFFC, I decided it's time to take some shots on them.

The commentary booth

... with two secondary camera stands positioned beside the main one

This is the camera for some close-up, goalmouth actions

Interview with both coaches before the game

Is this vehicle called the SNG?


  1. Thats some BIG effort by mediacorp~

    we should applaud them! =}

  2. yeah Mingji,

    Would love to go into more in-depth than this.. probably next time, I might ask a few words from the commentators?

  3. Hi Pohui,

    Remember we meet at the PL game at JBS.

    I just to say: The commemntary stand looks like a safety hazard itself! How did the 2 commentators got up there?

  4. Hi Frankie..

    Yes, we met at JBS for the Sengkang-U18 game..

    Ladders were being provided.. but not to worry as structures like this are subjected to stringent checks by authority when constructed.. thanks for your comments and concern..

  5. The vehicle is called OB Van


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