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After 2 years..New's the verdict (edited)

Just changed my blog template from 2 columns to 3 columns... now left a bit of fine-tuning here and there.

The idea to switch from 2 to 3 columns is to make the blog less-cluttered, as you can see for yourself that the main column is now flanked by the two side columns with the content of the side menu evenly distributed out.

Unfortunately, the template has no room for the iconic title bar (below) that it had no other choice but call it a day, thanks for the past almost one-half-year of service.

And did a survey to gather feedback on the new template and here is the outcome -

The result shows that you can't please everybody and this template is here to stay till the next change is deemed necessary, thanks for taking part in the poll...


  1. For your Bolasepako logo, you need to find H1 tag in your header template and replace it with your logo.

  2. Hi Adi..

    Thanks for your feedback.. I'll scan thru' the code and look, for time being the template will stay this way... shoulder aching siah :P

  3. hey,

    very clean layout.
    i prefer this over the last one.


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