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Never wash your dirty linens in the public

There's always a saying "Never wash your dirty linens in the public".

Somehow or rather, a fit of anger by Englishman Peter Butler, the SAFFC's coach, was captured and placed on the backpages of TODAY, the ONLY English paper in this country that covers S.League's news on REGULAR basis.

In that photo, it pictured the former West Ham midfielder shown a well-recognized rude gesture to his charges after their win over Balestier Khalsa.

Picture tells a thousand words as judging from the expressions of the weary-looking Warriors, one could easily sums up the mood that night.

Personally, I felt that the rude gesture by Butler, is something that is uncalled for, especially in the public places.

Though I have not say or in a position to comment on how the coaching is to be done but I did remembered one thing I learned from Steve Darby, the former Home United coach (now with Perak).

"Those who know me personally, know that I will NEVER criticize my players OPENLY!" said the one-time ESPN's EPL pundit, while placing his arm right over my shoulders when enquired how would he dealt with his 'keeper Sean Roberts who fumbled a shot and conceded a silly goal in their match against Sinchi, years back.

I came to know that Darby is someone who is fiercely loyal to his men, never once had he uttered something negative about his players openly.

That's probably why the respect shown to him by his players is there (if I'm not wrong, the Protectors after their last season Cup victory, had organized a farewell lunch for him as a form of appreciation.)

It is common to see teams conducted their pep talks after the games but never once I saw a coach ever made such a rude gesture in front of so many people.

It must be pretty humiliating for the guys who slogged and came from a one goal to win the game.

Maybe, like what team manager LTC Kok Wai Leong said the team did not play up to Butler's expectation, still that middle finger shall not be shown at all.