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If we love and cherish him, please don't destroy him

I shall not comment on the 2-0 loss to the Filipinos, since I wasn't there in the first place due to the work.

At this point of time that whenever a result like this that would caused a massive outcry, a name would always come to the picture and hailed him as the one and only hope for Singapore football.

Who else but Fandi Ahmad (pictured below) whom they have been crying for all these while to urge the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to rope him in to replace the under-fire long serving Serbian Raddy Avramovic?

"Abang" is now with Johor FA
Yes, we see him as an icon, a national hero, a living legend and messiah who will lift us out of the doldrums (as many would felt this way for being who he is).

Yet, do we all think it's fair for him now?

If we all love and cherish him, please don't let our selfish act taint his legacy and we have to ask ourselves if we are doing anything right in the first place to get him back like we did in 1993?


  1. U r right

    He shld nt be NT coach

    He is nt ready (& may nvr be)

    Nt attacking Fandi but his record at coaching is quite ... ( cnnt think of word but sound nice)

    The fact is he still being employed but the past 2 yrs those teams, like Johor now, do nt let him coach anymore, he is more into admin work.

    Before tht, the last team (Indonesia)he coach moved him upstairs as they dropped towards Div 1 but continued to keep on the paycheck.

    If taken together he has nt coach a professional setup for nearly a while nw

    He is nt ready


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