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[Feature] Plantronics Sponsors Fandi Ahmad Academy Elites

(This entry is formulated based on the media release obtained via McGallen & Bolden Pte Ltd, the PR agency of Plantronics South East Asia )

(The copyright of all images depicted belongs to Plantronics )

The group photo that announces the sponsorship deal
Two age-group squads of the Fandi Ahmad Academy (FAA), which is founded by local football legend Fandi Ahmad, had recently inked a sponsorship deal with Plantronics.

Under the eight-month agreement between the both parties that begins from September 2012 to April 2013, the Under-12 (u12) and the Under-14 (u14) Elites squad of FAA will be known as “Plantronics Gamecom u12 Elite Team” and “Plantronics Gamecom u14 Elite Team” respectively after the renowned personal audio communications manufacturer's gaming sub-brand - Gamecom.

Gamecom is the gaming sub-brand of Plantronics. Officially known as Plantronics Gamecom, the company produces gaming headsets for console and PC gaming platforms under this brand. Through this sponsorship, Plantronics Gamecom encourages the young generation to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

According to an issued media release, the two teams shall represent FAA in the JSSL League.

(Pictured above) Mr Alvin Kiew (left) with Fandi Ahmad
Said Mr Alvin Kiew, Director of Sales and Marketing, Plantronics South East Asia on the newly-minted collaboration.

“We at Plantronics South East Asia are proud to be associated with our beloved local football star Fandi Ahmad and especially with the sport we all love – football,

“Through an association with the Plantronics Gamecom, we hope to encourage the young generation to manage a balanced life of studies, leisure, and a good dose of sun and sports.” he added.

(Pictured above) Kiew announces the sponsorship with Fandi
Expressing his gratitude to the sponsorship deal, Fandi, who serves as the FAA's Director of Football, said:“I am very grateful for the sponsorship Plantronics has given our Academy, and look forward to nurturing future football stars together with Plantronics.”

“I have dedicated my entire life to football, something that touches my heart deeply. I love football for what it represents – teamwork, discipline, positive passion, and energy. I hope to impart all that I know about football, its heart and soul, not only to my own kids, but to any student who loves playing football on the field,” added Fandi.


  1. oh I am always happy when I see that companies help children through soccer, soccer is a good tool to help poor or needy children to be better people


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